Snow! It’s snowing!!! This morning I left for work in a t-shirt…now it’s 27 degrees, so windy I can’t walk (let alone drive this ambulance), and SNOWING!!

I miss the magic snow had. Getting off school early. Playing in it till you’re past frozen.

I have had 4 major sledding accidents.

Number 1: Was sitting on a sled with my feet in front of me. We had a good two feet on the ground and the sledding paths were so deep you stayed on the path everyone created before you. I went down but got stuck. My neighbor didn’t see me stop and when he did it was too late. His sled nailed my lower back, then bent me forward and he went right up my back and got stuck on top of me. It hurt SO bad! I literally took my coat off and we packed snow on my back!

Number 2: We had a good layer of ice covered by a couple inches of snow. And by good layer of ice, I’m talking 2-3 inches of ice!! Well, was sledding again down a huge hill, hit the bump/jump, flew off the sled and my bad knee (the one I was hit by a jet ski with while I was on a jet ski) went straight thru the ice. It was so swollen and bruised!!! And about 30 mins after that I though it was be a good idea to get on a snowboard…wrong. Broke both my shins on a freaking pole!

Number 3: We had a giant tractor tire tube that we aired up and tied to the back of a 4-wheeler. It worked great! Until my uncle got carried away…he took the turn slow but gassed it in the end so I would fling around him. He didn’t see my idiot sister sitting where she was told not to be, I came around the turn and she stuck her feet out. Tube stopped. I did not. Head first into a big pile of freshly plowed ice and snow! Concussion. On Christmas Eve. Mom and dad wouldn’t take me to the ER, grandma drove me there.

Number 4: We have a HUGE, STEEP, LONG hill at one of the local schools. It’s a little bit of a dangerous drive, but when the roads are ok, the drive is well with this untouched, little known hill! Well, we thought it would be a great idea to have one person sit in a tube at the bottom, then another would come down the hill, full speed, on a sled and hit them. Great idea, right? Ha! I got volunteered to be first in the tube, while my uncle, who is literally 3 times my weight, went down the hill. I flew up in the air, came down on my head and was out cold! Best part…it’s all on tape!!! It looks painful! If I had witnessed that…we’ll I’d be telling the person not to move and calling an ambulance. Me? My mom told me to walk it off.

Those are the 4 worst incidents…that I can remember. I’m sure there are plenty more, in fact I know there are more, but they weren’t too bad. Just a few broken bones here and there.

Spring is here!

Well, actually it has been here for a while! I don’t know about your area but the weather has been just beautiful around here! Just amazing!! I want to spend as much time outside enjoying it, and even when I’m stuck at work, I spend as much time in the parks as I can. I just love this weather! I’m ready to get our new kayaks out on the water again.

May…oh how you can’t come soon enough, float trip…I am ready for you!

January T-Storms

Another unpredictable day, but that’s why I got into this business and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! Just another day on the job, working my life away. But boy do I love it! Though unfortunately we don’t always get to eat the best, meaning a lot of nights consist of this or nothing at all.


That’s just the life we get used to, that’s our sacrifice to the public who don’t care, to them we are lazy. I bust my ass to prove them wrong but it makes no difference so instead I bust my ass for myself, to know I did the right thing.

Unfortunately they are calling for bad storms tonight an we’re currently under a tornado warning. Being a volunteer firefighter for my local area means my “days off” are not “time off.” I will serve all night long.

Finally got home from work 3 hours late and hung our art from the museum up on the fridge…it’s been well over 15 years since I’ve had anything hung on the fridge! Go me!

Crazy days

Wow, this full moon brings it all out! Let’s start with Tuesday, woke up to tornado warnings at 200am. We do not have tornado sirens where I am located, the closest one to my house is 5.8 miles away exactly. We rely on a system our emergency dispatch set up that calls your phone with a warning, or my pager for work, it’s guaranteed to go off at least 3 times. It had already hit when I got the page, and it was bad! Lightning bright enough to light up the entire room and in to the halls, thunder that shook the whole house, hail, and lots of it! Finally at 320am the worst past through and surveying the damage was all we had left. By 415am I have to leave for work, there was still quarter size hail on the ground.

At work things did not get much better. Started with a cranky lady that wouldn’t stop hitting us, called us “assholes” and “smartasses.” She may have gotten the smartass part right, but I do not believe I am an asshole. By that time the second wave of the storm can crashing though, which wasn’t as bad as the first, but still hit pretty hard. It seems the worst of it hit at my house and also just north of where I work.

If it rains, it pours, right? Well it poured! We ended up with a cardiac arrest too, which is always a “cluster fuck” as we say, but this one ran smoothly, and was a clinical save! (Good job guys!) And for the time being this guy is still alive, let’s hope it stays that way. We have had a huge success with these Autopulses, they do CPR like no man can. And this is our 7th clinical save in 3 years, 4 of which have walked out of the hospital. Incredible machine that helps us do our job better.

With a few random calls mixed in that, it ended up being a very tiring day, but we were fortunate enough not to run a call again until 600am. Thank you EMS and fire Gods!