Match Made In Heaven

Ok, I know it’s “Silent Sunday” but I came across some stuff online and am completely bored at work so I’m posting more.  So far we have had two people call for us, both not wanting to go to the hospital so we’re back sitting around watching hockey. Yesterday I stole the remote from the boys and we watched Legally Blonde, but today I gave it up. Usually when I’m working I am the only girl on duty, so very rarely do I get to watch tv that I want to but it’s extremely rare for me to watch tv anyway. Since I handed the remote over, we are watching hockey with the rest of America.

While being bored and “googling” everything I can think of, I came across this little post:

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

Water and Water… your ocean of emotions and feelings will always be warm and inviting, for the both of you. Cancer and Pisces are alike in so many ways; you are guided by intuitions and feelings, you both have a deep well of emotion and understanding for your fellow human beings. Your heart rules your every action. Pisces is subordinate, something you are not used to but will come to take delight in. Pisces loves to be spoiled, doted on and admired, which something you enjoy doing. You are both introverted and would much rather spend your nights indoors, watching a romantic movie and cuddling together on the couch. If you are ever upset about something, be sure that your Pisces partner will find out what it is, often faster than you might. Pisces lives by intuition, much as you do, and you will always be able to avoid arguments with one another. Why would you even want to argue with someone who shares your mind? Of course, Water signs are notorious for their need for isolation at times. So don’t expect to spend every day and night together, but then again who doesn’t appreciate a little alone time every now and again? To be honest, what you two will have a problem with in your relationship will most likely be money. Cancers have a healthy appreciation for money, and are usually good at both acquiring it and making sure it stays put. You will have to contend with your partner wanting to spend money on everything, be it an inspiring painting, a beautiful watercolour picture, anything that is artful and tasteful. So, if you don’t have a tight hold on your purse strings, you will indeed have a house full of beautiful things, but your bank account will also be drained because of it. Pisces will appreciate your jealousy, something that your other partners tended to dislike you for. For a Crab, jealousy simply means you are showing how much love you have for your partner. Pisces can tend towards the insecure and self-conscious side, and so will appreciate your loving nature. Oh my, because you both live in such deep, emotional worlds oriented in feeling and intuition, your sex life will be subtle and unique, sensitive and sentimental. You will always feel your love emanating from your partner during these experiences. Given enough time and patience, this relationship could easily last a life time. Cancer and Pisces will often seem like soul mates, like you are made for each other. If you have found your Pisces, I suggest staying with it!

Except for the “love to stay indoors” part this about sums us up! On cold rainy days we like staying inside and cuddling up to watch movies, usually those of my choice, but we LOVE being outside! If you’ve read any part of my blog before you know we enjoy geocaching, but we also love camping, kayaks, hiking, riding bikes, I LOVE my dirtbike! We never pass up a chance to be outside and when it comes to summer and water, I’m like a fish…I love water! You can’t separate us! When the weather warms up, I’m sure there will be plenty of posts of my dirtbike and the water.

One thing different between myself and my older man is sports. I love my Cardinal’s baseball! Yadi is my man! My man will watch games with me and has eveen taken me to a game but he HATE professional sports because he says they make too much money and complain too much about not getting enough…can’t argue with that. Despite all that, I am a Cardinal’s born and raised baby and that’s not going away! : )

I am so ready for summer to get here! I can’t wait to swim! Ride my dirkbike! Take out my wakeboard! And swim every chance I get! I am so ready for some warm weather! This cold stuff is killing me! I’m ready to move to Hawaii! Best vacation ever! Which I plan to review and post about later. For now, back to work and being bored. Have a safe rest of the weekend!