Getting Away

Tomorrow I leave, for 4 whole days, with my man! Our time to get away and talk, discuss everything, but mostly just to get away from everything. I need to get away! Currently I’m sitting with my dog on my lap, holding him close tonight. I’m going to miss him bad!! But like I said, I’m ready to get away.

It has been a long couple of days of work, nothing horrible has happened, it’s just been long. Life at hell job…well it’s not bad because I’m never there. When I am there, everyone bitches about it and how horrible this stupid ass useless “Chief” is. Like beyond useless and stupid too! I just can’t even begin to explain the level of stupid without typing an entire book. It’s just getting ridiculous! I hope they shut the place down, that would be the best thing for it and start a new one in a few years. So that place has turned so stupid that it’s starting to get funny. But I only work there like one shift a week and starting October it’ll be a LOT less than that! No one is working, it’s gotten crazy, not even enough people to run a truck. I find it SO fucking funny!!

But starting tomorrow morning at 7am I am out of here and not thinking about any of it or anything! I might be around posting if I spend time typing everything in my head, but I doubt it. I have so many thoughts, like non stop, I have talked about this before I just can’t get to paper or a computer to write it all out. My mind is just non stop all the time! Damn you ADHD!! Speaking of that…it’s acting up right now so I’m going to go to bed and sleep some before I get up to see my man and take off! Enjoy your weekend all! I will catch up when back!

Mini Escape

My man took me away for a mini vacation, to escape the hell I’m in, and boy am I glad he did! I needed this time away! Bad!

He has been treating me SO good! Taking care of everything for me. And even better…he surprised me with an hour long full body massage!! It was amazing! Just incredible! I am so freaking relaxed! And not ready to return to reality.

Back to Life

I’m alive, though I cannot say all is well. I’m fucking livid right now! But more on that later, first…vacation.

I love the mountains! And got my first snow fall in early! It was B-E-A-utiful! : ) I love the snow! Hate the cold, but love the snow! And hell, if it’s going to be cold, then it might as well snow, right? I really enjoyed my time away, sorry I was absent from here, I just took a break from every part of life and didn’t answer any texts, e-mails, or anything. Except of course those from my counsins and Rocks (you should feel special). I love going out there because everyone is so accepting of my man and I and they don’t care, they just think of us as “normal.”

The first night out we got in late, so we just sat around the house and didn’t do much. The second day there we did some shopping and hanging around during the day, then volunteered for an event in Longmount and I got some great pictures (which I promise to try to get up soon, those of you that know my photography page…well you get the lucky preview!). Then on Saturday my man and I got up early and headed into the mountains. If you don’t know, there is a fire burning in Rocky Mountain National Park, which is my favorite place to explore. In fact, the day after I left Colorado in October, this fire started, illegal camp fire, and it has burned about 3,000 acres and is still burning. Some of the places I got beautiful pictures last time are burned up and others I couldn’t even get to this time. It’s a shame, but fortunate that no one has been killed. Despite the fact that the forest needs a good burn every one and a while, it needs to be done naturally, not because some idiot can’t listen to fire bans!

On Sunday we just sat around the house mostly, wondered out for a short period, but it was too damn cold to do anything! It was a grand total of 7 degrees that morning! Ouch! Then Monday morning off to the airport bright and early with a grand total of 10 degrees. Holy crap! And I thought I was going to come home to warmer weather…it was a high of 32 the past two days…someone thaw me out please! The worst part about coming home, was the fact that I was coming home, but also that the damn airport seemed to have the freaking AC on! WTF?! Is all of Denver that crazy?? Despite the fact that my man was a little chilly, he put his coat on me because my skinny ass can’t handle the cold that much. Ha!

So now I’m back and fucking reality has kicked in and this morning I screamed, “Fuck the fucking fuckers!” (Pardon my language.) And before you ask…yes, I’m back at “hell” job today! Man this place just makes a person want to take a fucking gun to the head! (I won’t do that Rocks, I promise!!) There is just SO much lazy and stupid…it’s like in super excessiveness! I’m beyond pissed this morning! When I leave my house I turn my tone pager on, and for those of you that don’t know…it’s that annoying black box carried on the belt that loves to interrupt your meal, sleep, relaxations time, holidays, visits, etc.

I get in my car, start driving to work and notice how bright and beautiful the stars are, just like they were my first night in Colorado, the only night we had clear skies, and just like the morning I left there. It was just beautiful. Then that annoying black box interrupts my thoughts, normally not a big deal, however I notice that the truck that got dispatched is the one I am suppose to be driving three hours away to a factory for warranty and repair…that same fucking truck that this lazy fucking ex-Lieutenant was SUPPOSE to have out of service! The one I was suppose to leave with a fucking hour ago now! And to make matters worse, this new USELESS fucking “Chief” we have…the bitch sent me an e-mail that she is not picking me up, I have to wait for the truck…not fucking happening! I’m suppose to be at my other job this evening and I’m making the bitch drive to get me!

I’m just fucking pissed! That asshole KNEW I was taking the truck, he has TWO other’s available here that aren’t staffed, and he fucking took it on the call!!! And the worst fucking part…the dick takes THREE hours to run calls that shouldn’t take more than 1.5. He’s a fucking SLUG! I’m just so pissed off right now, I can’t even explain it! Back to fucking hell! So I’m making this useless ass bitch come get me AND take me back tomorrow! Here, allow me to share the e-mail I got at 10pm last night concerning the matter…and note that anything in ( ) are my thoughts and were added by me for your enjoyment.

Insert my name here,

I talked with “the guy that hates dealing with her” over at “said factory” yesterday and asked him if he absolutely needed me to accompany you tomorrow. He stated that he didn’t need me to be there since he already had the list of repairs (and because he knows how useless she is!) and you would be there to give further information if needed. I’m extremely confident with your knowledge of the vehicle that you can handle any questions that he may have. (That’s because you couldn’t and he contacted me about the truck!)

With all the issues I have that need to be addressed here at the office (which she isn’t doing shit about! I know for a fact because she passed my issue off!) and most of those needing some kind of computer access, which I do not have off site, I feel my time would be better served in the station. (Why? Not like the bitch does anything there!) Please make sure to monitor your time appropriately (which always included myself and the old Chief shopping, geocaching, and eating) and work with the techs at “said factory” to get as much done as possible within the time allowed.

Thank you,
“Your USELESS Chief”

So…in a couple hours, when I can FINALLY leave like I was suppose to do a long time ago, I’m going to drive all the way there, THEN make the bitch come get me! Then I’m going to make her fucking ass drive me back tomorrow to pick it up! Fucker! $20 says she won’t do it and will do anything to find someone else to…but I wouldn’t take that bet if I were you…you’ll lose, trust me.

I think what is making this day worse though is the fact that since I’ve returned my mother has turned back into the fucking bitch she’s always been! Man is she fucking moody! I guess the boyfriend she’s been trying to hide broke up with her…I don’t know and really don’t care. She loves hiding shit, just like the divorce, so I’m used to it and just don’t care any more. However, I don’t know why she’s got to be such a bitch. Complaining that I don’t pay enough bills and help out enough…I’m never home, always working…literally. I pay all my bills and plus some, I never make a mess and have been cleaning up after her drunk ass non-stop. I’m working FIVE jobs AND cleaning up after her…WTF more does she want?! She told me to expect to find my stuff outside one day…just great. Whatever. Maybe she should yell at my 22 year old brother that has NO job, has NEVER had a job, AND failed out of a community college! Just a thought…


Here they are…just a few. I took about 1700 pictures total! Crazy, I know…I wanted to take as many as possible so I had plenty to edit later.

So Happy!

While on a wonderful vacation, with my wonderful man, taking wonderful pictures, I got a Facebook message…someone saw some senior pictures I did of a coworkers kid and they loved them so much they want me to do theirs! How cool is that!?! Kind of nerve racking because I’m new at the senior picture thing but I’m still super excited!

I haven’t set or determined prices, so any suggestions??? I’m not going to charge NEAR what some of these people do! And you can change outfits all you want because paying for more outfits is just crazy in my opinion!!! So, what should I charge? $100? $150? Should I charge less, do the developing and then increase the price by a certain percent on the pictures to make money too? I’m so new at this! But totally excited!!

Will have pictures up from my trip by Sunday…I hope! : ) Loving it here and so not ready to go home!!


I have arrived! If you don’t hear from me, my man and I are hiding out in the mountains!! : ) And since I don’t care that anyone sees where I went on vacation, I will be posting some of my photography here for judgement when I return.

Be with you soon!

Edit: The little things are what really made me happy…I found women’s jeans that are 100% cotton!!! No spandix!! How fucking awesome! With real full size pockets too!!! I am just thrilled!! : ) And you’re probably thinking I’m completely crazy, but that alone makes me so happy! I have been looking for years!

Message Received

Sorry for the wait until an update for anyone that has been following the story of my Captain. He was suppose to report to work at 1700 and never showed. He was apparently told by a part time employee that they were added to days the Captain was scheduled to work, well the Captain has such a guilty conscious that he called and asked if he should bring his stuff in…hmmm, I wonder what else he has done…

In my opinion, that part timer should be in some trouble for calling the Captain up in the first place, but that’s a different story. So the Captain took 3 hours to show up after class! When he finally did I was no longer there, which was good. He went to the office, got his letter, cleaned out his stuff, and was escorted out of town. I’m praying I never have to see him again. So right now he is either crying or plotting revenge. Personally I’d be trying to find a new job, but then again I would have never done all the crap he did to get himself in this position in the first place. He dug his grave.

Tonight I am due for my first overnight shift at the new job and right now I should probably be sleeping, but I’m not. We’re allowed to sleep but they are so busy that we’ll probably be out running calls all night so I should be getting some zzz’s right now. I was sleeping wonderfully this morning but my PMSing mother ruined that. I had to clean all 3 levels of the house, cut the grass, clean the pool, and then give the pups a bath. Normally I don’t mind doing work but this time it pissed me off because now I’m gonna be up all day and night. I rushed through the work and for the first time ever she didn’t yell at me for that. Once done I decided to lay down and can’t fall back asleep. It might have something to do with the cookie cake I ate for breakfast…yum! : )

Since I couldn’t sleep I planned a few bike/geocache routes with my man! We have a few days coming up where we are both off before I go on an 8 day 24 hour stretch. Yes…that is 8 24 hour days in a row!! Ouch! But it means money. The worst part…it’s at the job I care for the least, but with the Captain gone things might be better…or probably not. Oh well. Gotta make that money, since that job pays the least of all of mine, I won’t be making much. Easy money though. Back to geocaching…I can’t wait! I took my cousins last week and we had a blast! I miss it! And so does my man. I planned us 3 different days that we can take the bikes along trails full of geocaches! I’m super excited and I’m sure I’ll post about it too.

Geocaching has made our trips places more meaningful and exciting. We just love doing it. It takes us to parks we’ve never seen or heard of, new views, adventures, and just good for your health. I’ve gotten a lot of people into it. Hidden a few myself. And even have a few trackables, one of which has become quit popular and really make people laugh. : )

In 2010, I went to Hawaii with my aunt, uncle, their demon child, and my “now ex” boyfriend (he was horrible to me). 3 days after we got back from the trip we were introduced to the word of geocaching and upon looking it up I walked past SEVERAL and didn’t even know it! Man, I wish I had known about it then! I want to go back to Hawaii just to geocache, crazy huh? In fact, when I’m bored I look up different areas and countries that I want to go to and search geocaches there. I want to travel all over and cache! Wouldn’t it be awesome?! This is one of those times where I wish my job were different so I could go caching and visit other countries! I need my Christian Grey! Haha, just kidding. I’m extremely happy with my man and wouldn’t trade him for anything!

In fact, recently I had an offer. A friend of mine, makes good money, just got a divorce like a year ago and asked if I was single, that he’s always kind of liked me and said when I become single he’ll be waiting. Now that I think about it…there are a few guys that have told me that…hmmm…I don’t see any reason why they’d want me. I really don’t think I’m all that good looking and I don’t make a lot of money, I just work hard, enjoy life and that’s about it…I don’t know what exactly they want. Well, I know what some of them want because they were upfront and honest, sorry…pass. I just don’t know what the others “see” in me…

This morning my mom informed me that her and my dad were at it again. Ugh! Divorce sucks! I pray I never have to deal with it!! Ever! The worst part about my parents divorce…they told everyone, the ENTIRE family and all the friends BEFORE they told their own children!! Talk about being hurt…it was like a damn bullet or knife in my heart. We should have been the first to know! Not the last! Even my damn cousins knew first! It still makes me angry to think about it. Why…just why would you do that?! Don’t the children, especially when they are ALL over the age of 18, deserve to know first? Am I wrong here?? So anyone out there thinking about a divorce…your children deserve to be the first to know! Please don’t make them go through what I did. Be honest with them, tell them the truth, don’t hide it and don’t lie.

For now my ramblings will end. I need sleep. Though I’m sure I’ll probably blog more to keep myself up tonight. Good night world! Enjoy the beautiful weather I have to sleep through.

Not So Silent Sunday!

I’m back! Did you miss me? 4 days without any cell phone service, no contact with the outside world, living the simple life like I used to, just camping and not caring about a thing…it was wonderful! My man took such good care of me! And two of my friend came along, they had an awesome time too. He really knows how to do the camping get away and make it enjoyable for everyone. He took really good care of us all. I got plenty of good food, backrubs, feet rubbed and just had an awesome time! When someone talks bad about our relationship, I just think about times like this weekend. Even the “bad” days are better than him not being in my life! He just makes my world a better place!

We spent 2 days of our vacation floating down the river, checking out all the springs and caves, it was amazing. Then the other two days were spent just relaxing and swimming around camp. I did rescue someone off the water. Some idiots decided to take their friend, who can’t swim, floating down a swift moving, deep river in a tube WITHOUT a life jacket…stupid! We heard her screaming, she was stuck in some trees with the water pulling her under and her friend was having a hard time getting her out. We paddled up to shore, I grabbed the rescue rope we just bought, made a text book throw and we got her safely to shore. My awesome man got her taken care of and went on our way. I think I spend more time helping people off duty than I do on duty. It’s an amazing feeling being able to help people in need! : ) And to make the day more successful, we found the only geocache along the river.

Below are a few pictures from our adventure.


Anyone looking for a good tarp used for camping shelter, I highly suggest the Kelty Noah’s Tarp! It comes in several sizes, we got the 12’x12′ and it seems perfect for us, but depending on your use, you may need the bigger one. Be advised though, this is designed to go between two trees, we know that there are not always two trees the perfect distance apart…therefore we got the optional poles to go with it too…the poles were $40 a piece!! Ouch! The stakes that come with it are the standard tent stakes like this, but we bought these heavy duty stakes just in case and I’m sure glad we did! They held excellent in the sandy campsite condition. Be advised though, they may not want to come around of the ground, we actually had one bend from trying to remove it, we had to dig it out! We also bought this rope with the easy ties to tie it down, also a wise investment. The rope that comes with it had the nice hooks so you don’t have to tie knots, but it’s black and we all know at night black is not easy to see! The reflective rope saved us several times! We got extra of the reflective rope, but this time did not need to use it, depending on how tall you make the tarp you may need some extra rope, always better to have too much! As you can see from the picture, we set it up like the directions, however there are many different ways to set it up and tie it down. There are black loops all over to make it more secure if needed too. This is one quality built item and well worth the money. Packs light and small, even the poles, we plan on using it for some kayak float/camping trips down river. I know a few people that pack it for backpacking too. You can get cheaper, much lighter poles, but I really recommend these because they don’t feel as cheap, very good quality but still light enough.

Had an amazing weekend, now back to the real world of work at 5am…time to finish unpacking and getting ready. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend too! : )

Vacation, it’s all I ever needed!

Thursday thru Sunday of this week I am going camping, kayaking, and fishing in a section that has zero cell service and I am beyond excited!! I can’t wait to escape from this world! My mother has been extra pissy lately, apparently divorcing my dad didn’t solve all her problems like she had hoped. She’s been screaming at me to do all kinds of work before I leave while my 21 year old, never had a job, failed out of a community college brother sits playing Call of Duty…just bullshit in my opinion, but whatever, her house her rules.

On Mother’s Day my OM came over and we cooked dinner for my mom. She was in a hurry and didn’t really show her appreciate for the food, which is normal for both my parents, part of why I never bother doing anything for them. My OM noticed this too and we had a discussion when we were able to sneak away for a few minutes. We both think that my mom is just not saying anything about us, that she knows what’s going on, but hopes it passes. That seems to be here attitude, like if she ignores it, it’ll go away…sorry mom, this isn’t going away…in fact, our plans are to make it permanent one day. I guess we’ll see where life takes us..

Anyway, just wanted to advise you that I’m tired, have to work 24 hours starting very early in the morning, I just got off work, and I’m leaving for a few days after all of this. Expect more posts when I get back. Thanks for reading my useless ramble. : )