Living in Hell

I’m stuck in hell job today, which means plenty of time locked up in a room to think and write. I woke up this morning with a major allergy attached, I was so swollen, itchy, red…it was just horrible so I took a benadryl. My body doesn’t work the same as most people, it takes 2 or 3 benadryl to make me sleepy normally. I was already exhauster and I guess fighting this stuff off make me that much more tired because I slept the entire first half of my shift. I was out cold! Around lunch time my partner woke me up to get food, which was good because my ass needed to get up anyway. The crews ate, I watched. Came back and cooked my Ramen noodles, yum. Just finished the last bite when my truck got a call. Came back from that and boy did the rumors start flying around here.

A few months back several of these idiots decided they would follow Captain Dumbass, remember him? Put his hands on me?? Well they decided to follow his uneducated idea and sign Union cards to fight for more money. Hey stupids…they entire country is broke, this state is broke more than any other, and you want to bring in a Union just so you can ask for more money?! I tried telling them the Union is going to ruin what they have. They don’t have to do chores, we don’t have to stay at the station, we don’t get overtime, but a few people have only this job and they get to work all the hours they want making bank. Did anyone listen? Nope.

And guess what…now they are bitching about the Union, for all the reasons I told them. They are complaining because they can no longer work more than 24 hours in a week, there went all their money. They are mad because Union dues are being taking out of their checks, I told them that would happen. They are pissed they are now required to do chores and stay at the station. And did we get a raise…nope! I told them! I warned them! I told them EXACTLY what would happen but they didn’t want to listen or believe me. Now they are freaking out because they have no money. Unlike them…I got myself 2 other jobs and tested yesterday for a 3rd one. I’m getting the fuck out of here! Now I just hope hours pick up at the others so I can get money back. I am so behind on bills thanks to the bitch here…I gotta catch up!

As for you Mr. President…you are a fucking idiot!! I have to buy health insurance out of pocket or risk fines. Thanks to your stupid fucking “Obamacare” shit…my health insurance now costs me $285 a FUCKING MONTH! Before you fucked shit up I was paying $170. Then saying if you work more than 30 hours a week, your company must offer insurance…well guess what, everyone just got their hours cut! I think your fucking pay needs cut! STOP GIVING MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES WHEN WE NEED IT! Illegal immigrants have more rights and get more money than I do! Fuck that! I’m leaving this country, becoming a citizen of another, then hopping the boarder back here so I can get free food, schooling, health care, and a cellphone. That is the fucking problem with this country, idiots like you brainless fucks at the capital! You’re so fucking stupid you ran this country into a fucking hole! Thank you for that.

Caching in the SNOW!!

Yesterday I went to work, never bothered to check the weather. It was just suppose to be cold. Watched the news, they said cold, nothing else. At 1pm it started SNOWING!! I mean HUGE FLAKES!! I was SO excited! Damn weather people, can never get it right. It snowed until well after I got up this morning. We only have about 2 inches but it was snowing it’s ass off for quit some time! Just too warm of ground for it to stick until after.

I worked in the snow, at hell. Hell froze over! lol It wasn’t too bad because the bitch didn’t show up! Sure made my day! The assholes there are bitching that bringing this union in means they are going to lose their hours. I went off on one of them and said, “you signed the card, YOU have NO right to complain! I on the other hand do because I knew this would happen but no one listened.” Apparently they want to start negations soon…you can’t negate more money out of a city that has none…fucking idiots! So now that they got this damn union they wanted it means we are cut off at 32 hours a week, where I normally had 80 or so but we never got over time pay because we weren’t classified as part time. That didn’t bother me because I could get all my hours at one job, saving me money and hassle of driving to many locations. We weren’t required to do chores or even stay at the station, now we can’t leave and have to work from 8-4 every day doing chores and whatever else they give us. We can’t ask for a raise because the city is broke, but now we are paying union dues…in the end it means less money, WAY less money but no one listened to me!! That’s why the past Chief quit, because of this union and they shit everyone is pulling. Now they fucked us! And I refuse to listen to any of them bitch! And they will know it!

If we get enough snow there I have plans to build a snowmen, one I found online that is freaking sweet!! : )

IMG_3052We didn’t have enough snow for that yet! However, we did get quit a bit…enough to making caching a little more difficult! Here’s a few pictures of our adventure in the woods.

It was beautiful but man was it cold! I did get to try out my new GPS my man got me! It worked GREAT! Though he is stuck at work for today and tomorrow so he didn’t get to join. But he made sure I bundled up and told me to have fun, which I sure did! I can’t wait to go again! And since I have a LOT of time off in January…I guess I’ll spend it caching as much as possible.

Right To Work is a Rip Off??

If you live in the US and have no idea what I am talking about then I suggest you do a little extra research.


At one point in time I believe they had a great purpose. Now…not so much! Some…yes. Others…no. They just charge crazy fees and do very little, if anything for you. I have seen some crazy shit by unions!

Want to know what failed the car companies? Unions! I went to school with a guy that was making $38 an HOUR to put a fucking bolt on a car! I can understand your union fighting for more pay but that is just ridiculous!

Something things are “ok” that they have done, but it’s freaking common sense! And I know, common sense isn’t all common…believe me, I know! But my local IAFF unions says if it’s over a certain heat index we don’t train outside…uh, duh! The bosses don’t make you go outside, there’s plenty to do inside…like EMS training which is 80% of what a firefighter is all about now days.

I wish I worked in a right to work state! The Union has done NOTHING for me, yet I have to continue to pay the idiots crazy fees and for what…? Nothing!

Unions need to be reformed! They need to actually do something…something good! Not just collect dues and sit on their ass. Oh, and a big thank you to the Hostess Union for your help! I understand “the CEOs need to give up their pay I we have to give up ours” and crap but really?! You’re getting an average of over $30/hour to stand on a line!! Now you have no job…congratulation…

Just One More Reason

I was informed tonight that my idiot Captain, the same one mentioned before, has decided to push at making us union. Let’s discuss a few things here before we get to my opinion on unions.

First, we are slowly losing our ambulance service because of money. The city is actually talking about shutting us down and letting another service replace us. Well, this little union stunt only pushing them that much closer to it. In fact, they are already talking about shutting us down since they have found out. Next, I have NEVER been approached about joining the union and neither has anyone that is on the “Chief’s side” as this idiot Captain puts it. They only need 30% to agree for it to pass, I am NOT one of those 30%! All they are doing by making us union is guarantying that we will NOT have a job by the end of this year. They are so stupid! He’s feeding them lies and they are falling for it. They city doesn’t have money right now, pushing for more just means they cut us all together and let someone else take us over. When that someone else takes over, it means none of us will be kept around.

Now, about unions…I think they had a great purpose at one point in time, but that time is long over. Now they just collect your money and don’t do crap for anyone. I’m sorry, but someone putting a damn bolt onto a wheel should NOT be making $35/hour!! That’s why things are so expensive! And they should also not be paid $40+/hour to hold a sign in front of a business that says, “This business does not use union labor.” I will be sure to spend my money with that business because you know what…your too damn expensive! Of course they aren’t going to use you! Unions…your purpose is over now, you just too rethink your game plan because all your causing is more businesses to go out of business.

And while I’m at it pissing people off I’ll say this…I’m not racist, not at all! If you’re a bad person, I don’t give a damn what color or race you are, I don’t like you. If you’re a good person that works hard, then I like you no matter your race or color. People need to get over themselves!! They Jewish are not declaring a Jewish history month, or demanding special rights just because their PAST relatives had it rough! So the rest of you need to give it up! YOU were NOT a slave! So get over it and deal with it like everyone else! I think Jewish had it WAY worse than you slaves, so if anything they should be allowed a history month, special scholarships, special rights…this country is getting more screwed up by the day. But that is for another day, I’m tired. So…to be continued…