One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

If I told you I was a twin, would you believe me? You should! It’s a random fact that a lot of my friends, who have known me for years, don’t even know about me. I don’t keep a secret and I don’t avoid telling people on purpose, I just forget. Honest. Every one thinks, “You’re a twin? How cool!” In my life there is nothing “cool” about it.

First of all, I am a fraternal twin. This means we come from two separate eggs, it does not mean the twins look different. Here’s a little random knowledge for you, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins…don’t believe me? Look it up! Fraternal twins can look practially identical, though most don’t, and this is the case for my sister and I.

My sister has baby fine, straight dark hair. I have thick, wavy blonde hair. My sister has a little over one foot in height on me and she also weights about 130lbs more than me (and this is not all from the height). Our facial features are nothing alike! And our habbits and hobbies are the complete opposite! She likes dressing up and is the “girly girl” while I prefer my dirtbik, jeans and a t-shirt. We have always been black and white.

Along with not look or acting alike, we also never got/get along. Everyone says she’ss jealous of my body and outgoing personnality. Me? I just can’t stand her because she’s always been a bitch to me! I have scars all over my arms from her digging her nails into my skin. She’s always called me names, punishes me as she pleases, and just puts me down in front of anyone she can (she’s a lot like my motheer). For this we have never and probably will never get along. There are some things I just can’t “forgive and forget.”

Sometimes I think if we had looked more alike we would have gotten along. Or maybe if our parents hadn’t raised us to believe she’s the better child for not being fiirst born…I don’t know, life could have been so much different if our childhood had not been the way it was.

Either way, life has been slightly better not living in the same house as her. People always say, “she’s your sister, you’ll get along better when you grow up and live on your own.” This I really doubt, if you had grown up in my shoes, you’d feel the same way too.