When it Rains, it Pours!

My suggestion for the evening…if you plan on typing out a great big post, save more often and especially when the weather is bad! Had a nice big post ready and the storms came through right as I was trying to publish it and the internet went down causing my post to be lost somewhere in cyber world that I can not locate. Apparently when that happens, the saved draft disappears too. That’s a bummer. Since I don’t have as much time as before this post will be short and sweet. I bought a new car!! : )

If anyone is out there looking for a new car I’d like to suggest looking into the Chevrolet Cruze (my choice) or if you need something bigger the Chevrolet Malibu! Both excellent cars and being in my field safety was a big factor in my choice…I have personally seen the Cruze get hit head on then after a chain reaction a gasoline truck ROLLED OVER the entire car…the people inside walked away from the accident without a scratch and refused to go to the hospital by ambulance. They were both in a little pain the next few days but nothing broken or damaged, just muscle pain.

I went with the 2012 Chevy Cruze 1LT with the driver convenience package. I’m loving it! It’s in the blue granite metallic, it’s just beautiful! I will share pictures soon but due to a painful migraine, I’m off to bed and cutting this post short. Damn these storms and deleting my other one!! Tomorrow my man gets to see my new car then he’s taking me fishing. I just love going and he loves watching me enjoy myself. We get to spend some relaxing time together and I can’t wait!! Currently life is good, especially since my car made it home safely and is tucked away from the hail in the garage! Thank you mother nature!

January T-Storms

Another unpredictable day, but that’s why I got into this business and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! Just another day on the job, working my life away. But boy do I love it! Though unfortunately we don’t always get to eat the best, meaning a lot of nights consist of this or nothing at all.


That’s just the life we get used to, that’s our sacrifice to the public who don’t care, to them we are lazy. I bust my ass to prove them wrong but it makes no difference so instead I bust my ass for myself, to know I did the right thing.

Unfortunately they are calling for bad storms tonight an we’re currently under a tornado warning. Being a volunteer firefighter for my local area means my “days off” are not “time off.” I will serve all night long.

Finally got home from work 3 hours late and hung our art from the museum up on the fridge…it’s been well over 15 years since I’ve had anything hung on the fridge! Go me!