So Happy!

While on a wonderful vacation, with my wonderful man, taking wonderful pictures, I got a Facebook message…someone saw some senior pictures I did of a coworkers kid and they loved them so much they want me to do theirs! How cool is that!?! Kind of nerve racking because I’m new at the senior picture thing but I’m still super excited!

I haven’t set or determined prices, so any suggestions??? I’m not going to charge NEAR what some of these people do! And you can change outfits all you want because paying for more outfits is just crazy in my opinion!!! So, what should I charge? $100? $150? Should I charge less, do the developing and then increase the price by a certain percent on the pictures to make money too? I’m so new at this! But totally excited!!

Will have pictures up from my trip by Sunday…I hope! : ) Loving it here and so not ready to go home!!