So if you’re like me you check PostSecret religiously every week! I saw this post card that caught my attention this week…


I have been asked if I sent it and the answer is no but I an truly sympathize with the sender! And I know exactly how they feel!!!

I actually did send a post card similar to this about a year ago and never saw it. It must not have been meant to be shared. Ah well, I’m dead tired after my days (story to come soon). Just wanted to share. Good night!


Every week I check PostSecret. Sometimes I’m up first thing Sunday to look, while other weeks I have to wait to check it. This morning I finally got a chance to check the site to see this weeks secrets and came across one that got my attention right away!


I wish I could find who this secret belongs too! I want to talk to them and listen to their story! Especially considering I will probably end up the same since I’m with my man and refuse to give him up for my so called “family”. I just want to know what they went though and their life now! I wish there was a way to get a message out for the person that sent this secret in to contact me!

Oh Shit! Now What?!

My mother goes flying past my friend and I. I send her the following message.


I then take a screen shoot and send it to my man telling him to give her hell for texting and driving. He does.


Shortly after I get the following message from my mother…oh shit!


Which I also share with my man!


Ever experience a mini heart attack…? It’s about like that for a second. So I guess we can stop pretending and breaking the family in slowly is working quit well because they have no objection… ; )

Make You Think

I’m back! Did you miss me? Probably not. Thursday I got my wisdom teeth out and it’s been a horrible experience ever since! If you are scheduled to get your wisdom teeth out then you better stop reading right here or you may never go. I was nervous from the beginning but my awesome man said he would take me to help calm my nerves and care for me, this made me feel slightly better until I met the doctor. This guy was a fucking asshole! I just paid OVER $1000 that I DON’T have and you’re going to be a dick to me?!?! I thought about walking out and the way I’m feeling today I should have!! He was rude, short, and just downright mean to me!

I have had 7 surgeries prior to this and have never had to take pain medicine, ever. This time…it’s 3 days later and I’m STILL on pain medicine. I can’t move my jaw with out pain that brings tears. My whole mouth hurts. And my lower jaw and lip is completely numb. Is this normal?!? It really scares me. I am not looking forward to the check up appointment on Tuesday and let’s just say it probably won’t go well for Mr. Doctor. I will be offering plenty of reviews on him too…none of which are good! And if his company has a survey…well that won’t be pretty either. He may be a decent doctor with without bedside manner he’s got nothing! It’s all about customer service, just like we say on the ambulance, they are a paying customer and we will do everything we can to make them more comfortable and satisfied. I am less than pleased and satisfied with this doctor and he will know it!

Every Sunday I check PostSecret for new secrets. If you’ve never seen this website before you need to check it out. I still miss the app bad but we’ll never see that again thanks to a few people that had to ruin it for everyone! : ( This week there was a secret that stood out at me, it was the very first one posted. It sends a bit of guilt through me because I am that girl, sort of. I’m the girl that all the older women hate for “stealing their men.” We’ve all heard it before, “why can’t I just find someone my own age?” I’ve said it before, you can’t help who you fall in love with. We never intended to fall in love, that’s definitely not what either of us were looking for, we both just needed a friend. It was at his (soon to be at the time) ex wife’s suggestion that we decided to become more. We love each other as friends, I think we both held back from more because of the age difference. Then one day we just said “fuck it, we’re in love and the world will deal with it.” And that was that.

I still have my insecurities sometimes, mostly when I see things like this picture. I’m not trying to “taking the older men,” not my intention at all, it just so happens that I fell in love with an older man. I don’t go out seeking older guys and he wasn’t after younger women…it just happened. I can understand why this woman posted what she did and her reason behind it, but it still makes me think that maybe our relationship is better in theory and not reality? Well, I really don’t care because I love him and I refuse to let him walk away no matter what. People will just have to get used to it.

What’s your secret?

Some of you may or may not know about a website called PostSecret. A guy name Frank Warren sent out blank post cards that asked strangers to share their secrets. He got some back and posted them on his website. Now, several years later thousands send in their secrets every week hoping to see them posted on the website or published in his books. Personally I love the website, I check it religiously every Sunday (the day new secrets are posted). I can’t wait to get up tomorrow to check and see what people have to share this week!

Not too long ago, Frank and a team of helpers released the PostSecret Application, only available for iPhone. I was SO excited for this app to be released! I originally read about it being developed in 2010 and read the release date was suppose to be in the beginning of 2011. 2011 was going to be a good year, ios 5 for the iPhone and PostSecret was releasing an app! Well, I was slightly disappointed at first because ios 5 AND the PostSecret app were not released by the expected time. We had to wait till fall for both, but I check website regularly hoping and praying for an official release day. Despite my wait, I downloaded both the day they were released.

For those of you that did not get to experience it, let me share with you the joy of the PostSecret application. It was a place where you uploaded a picture (one you took or from your album) and then wrote a secret (within a certain amount of letters) and uploaded it using your current location. You could pick your state, city, or a business near by to share your secret. It was wonderful! And you got to reply the same way to secrets as well. People didn’t feel so alone! Tons of people would share their secrets, then others would get on and share theirs as well or comment to that person letting them know they were not alone. Unfortunately the app is no longer usable and available because too many people were using it for bad thing. People would not stop posting pornographic pictures and then some people had the nerve to get on and actually threaten other peoples lives. According to Frank, the FBI got involved and the app was forced to be shut down. Someone always had to ruin it for everyone one!

However, every Sunday Frank has begun to add a section to his website with his updated secrets, it’s called “The Best of the App.” It offers pictures of secrets shared on the app that Frank found. So even though the app is gone, part of it is still here because Frank continues to share it with us. I wish there was a way for the app to be reopened. Part of the problem was it offered so much antonymous posting that it was impossible to track down the people that were using it wrong. I would suggest being forced to create a log in that tracks your phone (a lot like the xBox live system) and when someone is using it wrong, their whole phone is blocked from being able to use the app. I know this is probably some sort of “invasion of privacy” but if xBox can do it legal, then others can too. And it will allow us to have this wonderful app back and hopefully cut down the problems before.

Maybe one day it will be back but for now…the wait for Sunday continues!