Cat’s Out of the Bag Now!

So I’ve been keeping in a big secret for a while now and stupid me just remembered…hey, I have a blog my family doesn’t know about! Duh! However, none of that matters anymore because the family was told today. Now I can spill the beans! Sort of…they can’t know that I’ve known for ever! Keeping up here? Ha, I’m just so excited!!! But first, a little back story…

Both sides of my family are very religious!! And Catholic at that! The grandparents refuse to believe that sex before marriage happens…even though it’s been going on since before they were born…it happens! Well, recently my step cousin and his girlfriend had a kid (out of wedlock…OMG!) and surprisingly my grandma was ok with this!! This is on my mom’s side of the family. It’s not technically her grandkid, but she didn’t start telling everyone how wrong that is and God will punish them…she just kind of accepted it! Crazy!! The world really is coming to and end! Ha!

Long story short, my aunt loves being a grandma! Spoils the kid and everything! And it was recently that I got to thinking…there is an age gap relationship in the family already!! Though not as big. My aunt and uncle are 10 years apart. He has two kids from previous marriage and the youngest just had a kid, so she’s a 39 year old grandma. That brought on more thinking…my older man is a grandpa. His oldest had a child, there for when we get married does that mean I’m a grandma?! I don’t think we’ll look at it like that, but society will. I’ll be a very young grandma for sure! lol

On with my story…on my dad’s side his mom is even worse! Extremely religious! Well, let’s just say my cousin is pregnant and after 5 months finally got the courage to tell grandma and the rest of the family!! Father of the child is not in the picture, he refuses to believe it’s his (can’t deny it with the test) and ran off with her best friend and all kinds of bad stuff, none of which they told grandma, just told her she’s pregnant with a girl and shockingly…grandma is excited!! This world works in mysterious ways!!

So now we wait and see how long it takes till the whole family finds out! I’m so excited!! Kind of sad for her and the kid and the situation, but so excited!! It’s a girl too! I told my cousin to name her after me since she wants a unique name! Ha! She like my name but wants to name her Layton which is cute and I like. In August a new member of the family will join us! Mama and baby are healthy and doing good. : ) Congrats little cuz!

To be honest…I totally expected one of the other two cousins to get pregnant first…at 14 they have iPhones and spend every weekend drinking and partying…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were and it’s been taken care of and kept secret. I think that’s bad parenting, but that’s not what this post is about. Well, we shall see how things go in the recent months to come but I know my sister is going to be pissed because her wedding is in October and this steals her thunder…more family feuds to come.

Tattle Tale

I’m a bad friend, go ahead, say it, I know I am. Let me correct that, I’m a bad ex-friend…seriously, you do not want me as your enemy!

First, a little back story so you understand. I had this friend, she was a really good friend of mine, she ended up pregnant after a hook up in the backseat of her car (and her mom says I’m the bad influence! ha!). Not the best decision on her part, but not my choice. Anyway, her and this guy decide they are going to keep the kid, great. She moves 45 mins away to live with this guy. They seem to be doing good until she’s 8 months pregnant. I get a phone call from her demanding to be picked up ASAP. He’s apparently had another girlfriend since she was about 4 months pregnant and decided he no longer wants a kid or her. So I rescue her, take off work, spend my time and money helping her, get her all moved in with her mom again.

Time comes, she has the kid, and he’s so freaking cute! : ) So I help her some in the beginning, let her know it’s going to be ok and stuff. 2 weeks after having the kid she decides to go to a party, meets a boy there. (Let’s take not here that he’s 8 years older than her.) They hit it off well, become friends and start dating. Meanwhile she is applying for all kinds of state aid and welfare to help raise this child because she doesn’t go to school, works maybe 15 hours a week, and her mother is retired. So she gets all this state aid as long as she lives with her mother.

Well, her and this guy she met hit it off so well that they move in together. She doesn’t notify the state office that she has moved, she lets them continue to believe she lives with her mom. Short time after they find out the child is deaf, poor kid. So they take him to all kinds of specialist (on state money) to figure everything out. He gets a special doctor, hearing aids…the works (good for him!). Well, state decides they are going to pay for one cochlear implant but not the other. She’s pissed! Thinks she has a right for the state to pay for BOTH! State assigns them special teacher for speech therapy and pays for schooling too to a special school to prepare him for kindergarten. All the therapy is done at her mom’s house because that’s where the state thinks she is living.

During all this time they have taken several vacations, to many states. During one of these vacations they meet up with some family who tells them they should sign the kid up for disability. Are you kidding me?!?! He’s not even 5!! But the state approved it! $1200 a month worth!!!! On top of the other money they are getting already! Stupid!! Now, while they are on this vacation they also decide to get “married” but not let the state know it was a legal ceremony. See, she receives a pell grant and gets school paid for PLUS another $2200 a SEMESTER extra to spend on school supplies, gas, etc…they don’t want to get married because they won’t get this money. That means they’d have to actually pay for her schooling…wouldn’t want that.

Now…I should mention that this guy of hers make $28+ an hour…together they make more than enough to not need this state aid. No, they could not live NEAR as comfortable as they are now, but they can survive like the rest of us and still have some left, but they can’t save, just spend, spend, spend. So lets take an inventory…they have a flat screen tv, bought ALL new furniture, Xbox with kinect, a 4-wheeler, a $300 remote control car, a $170 remote control helicopter, a bike, guns, vacations…I can’t keep track! They are blowing money on whatever they want.

Now, what made her my ex-friend, which may sound like a dumb “girl” problem to you, but I have my reason. See, though I am considered a “gifted” child, I am behind in many other departments, kind of like autism (though I refuse to let my doctor test me). Since I am behind in some areas, I am sensitive to being called certain names. Last spring I was finishing up paramedic school and doing a ton of clinicals and working and studying…I was busy! I literally had like 1 to 2 days off each month, it sucked! One day I got a text from her man, now keep in mind here I hadn’t talked to or hung out with any of my friends in a long while, but his text basically asked why I never stop by. I told him I’ve been busy, blah, blah, blah.

Well he doesn’t answer for a few days, then I get another text that says, “You’re acting so stupid! It’s ******’s birthday today and you’re going to miss it! I bet you didn’t even get him anything.” Ok, are you kidding me?! First of all, being called “stupid” is something I am sensitive about, I don’t like it because I believe I really am stupid, especially in some areas. Next, all he’s worried about is what I’m buying the kid…I think they get MORE than enough state money to buy the kid plenty! Well, after talking to my friend about this she didn’t stand up for me (I saw that coming). It’s no loss to me, he was a jerk all the time and she couldn’t care what he did to me.

He used to give me trouble all the time and make fun of me for hanging out with my OM (before we were officially together) but yet he is 8 years older than my friend…8 years is apparently acceptable, where 24 is not. So…all in all, not much of a “loss” losing them from my life.

Now, back to the point of this story…I turned them in to the state for fraud and I’m not feeling the least bit guilty. I know what you’re thinking…you did it because you wanted revenge…wrong! I did it because I’m tired of them, and everyone out there, abusing the system. I think you should have to work for money, not have it handed to you! And I think that if I have to take a drug test to go to work and support YOUR ass, then you better have to take one to get that money!! I’m running for president! lol j/k…it wouldn’t change anything. Now, do you think I made the right choice? Or should I have let it go?