Life is just full of complications, isn’t it? Well mine has no short supply!! Things are going ok right now, at least for the moment, so it won’t be long until all hell breaks lose. That’s how it always works so I’m just waiting.

Hell job is going decent, Chief Bitch has been extra nice to me. I don’t trust her, but I have a feeling she got her little ass chewed. I had a meeting with the highest boss, he was a fucking dick this time had complete false information and was mislead. He wouldn’t let me fix his information but whatever, be a dick. I left that meeting pissed off and not happy at all, but I still showed up. I guess he listened to me some because she’s been really nice lately. She’s fucking up some more, so I guess she has to be nice to me so she can get away with her other fuck ups. Doesn’t matter to me, I have a new job and am working there the smallest amount I’m allowed to do, that’s it.

As for Valentine’s day…well I don’t get to spend it with my man. In fact, I saw him Monday and I won’t see him again till Sunday…I’m bummed. I was finally able to get to the store and find him a card though. The outside of the card says: “To the Man I Love. I remember perfectly the moment I first saw you – the way you were standing, what you were wearing, and the skip in my heart, when we finally spoke.
Everything around us disappeared and all I could see was you. I knew that second I had found the one.” The inside says: “Now, so many memories later, I realize how far we’ve come. But still, some things never change, like the way you take my breath away, whenever I see you walking toward me. With every step we take together, I love you even more. You are my best friend, heart and soul, and the love of my life.” I think it’s perfect. I hate that my family can’t accept him in my life the way he is, but I will never stop fighting for what I want. I hope it works out in the end.

Now it’s time for me to prepare. I’m doing a free photoshoot for a friend of mine, they don’t have a lot of money and just had a kid. I agreed to do the pictures for free and they agreed to share my name and tell as many as they can about me. I’m excited, I’ve never done newborn photos before so that is going to be interesting. I hope all works out! I have some cute props and now it’s time to set everything up and get ready. Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll be around soon.

My Photography

I took another break today from studying. I just can’t keep myself focused for hours after hours, I’m sure I’ll regret this come test time, but I decided to stick to my failed plan and upload some of my pictures. I’ve got MANY photos, some of which I may have already shared here, but I’m sharing again. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think, if you think it’s bad then tell me. If you think they are good, we’ll I’d love to hear that too.

I recently got accepted to a local University with a scholarship and right now I can’t attend because of money. I can’t get loans to offset the difference, but when I can find a way I’m going to attend. I want to minor in photography, but I haven’t decided what I want to major in yet. I need a backup plan in case of injury and have to change career.

Anyway, now that I’m finally sharing my pictures…what do you think?? All these pictures are sale though a local business, a friend of mine, so if you’re interested please e-mail me and I can get you the information. I have MANY more not even posted here.


Here they are…just a few. I took about 1700 pictures total! Crazy, I know…I wanted to take as many as possible so I had plenty to edit later.

Calling All My Readers!

Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures and a few of my friends have told me I should get into photography on the side. A friend of mine owns a frame shop and I was considering asking her to try and sell a few there to see how it goes, but I’m not sure. So I’m asking for your honest opinion here! I want the 100% truth no matter how bad it is. I’ve been told I have a good eye, but I’m not sure. These pictures have been taken all over, Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Hawaii, and I’m not sure where else. Most of my pictures are from vacations.

So let me know what you think. Leave a comment. Should I get into this and try to see my pictures? Or just stay hidden and take the pictures for myself? I’ve included a few examples, so tell me what you think. Answer the poll or comment, your choice. Thank you!