The Letter

I have been waiting all week for a letter. A letter that will either bring joy or disappointment. It’s been killing me! That letter finally came!

I sat there staring at it, not sure if I want to open it or not. It felt fairly thick, is that a good sign or a bad sign? I didn’t know what to do or what to think.

This has been my dream job. The job I wanted since I got into this line of work. What if they don’t take me? I was told to be surprised I even got an interview because they don’t take people that have a little experience as I do. It was killing me all week, now the letter is here and I can’t open it!

Finally, after pacing and wondering, I opened it. I got the job!!!!! I actually got it! I have to pass the medical and physical exam, which should be easy, I hope. Nothing could be worse than my last physical, 5 days after I lost all my wisdom teeth. I will do anything I can to not lose this! And I am SO damn excited!

New Job, Here I Come

Guess what…I got the job!! Couldn’t tell from the title could you? I’m so excited! This is my big break and I’m determined to work hard and move up at this department, but my first goal is to make it though the probationary period. : )

I left the interview feeling slightly nervous, but after talking the whole interview through with my awesome man I feel much better. Being a boss himself he knows the answers people are looking for. He coached me some before the interview but not too much, he had confidence I could do it on my own. I went through all the questions they asked and how I answered and every single one he told me I had excellent answers to and there was no doubt in his mind that I’d get the job.

I got the called yesterday afternoon shortly after a friend of mine got a call saying she didn’t get the job. But I know why she didn’t get it, she has no experience at all where I have some experience working in the field. I’m so excited!! I find out next week when orientation is, but for now I’m off to catch some crawdad’s and celebrate!