A Life Changing Event

Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly “life changing” but today was a very important day for me. I tested for a new job at a very well paying location. If I get this job, I can get the hell out of dodge and me and my OM don’t have to hide anymore! And, if all goes well here, I am considering finding a house down in that area more. I like it there, quiet, away from everything…it’s where I belong I think. I am not a city living person at all! I hate the city! Love visiting, hate staying! I like the area I live now, just far enough away, but not too far…however I could stand to go away from everything a bit more. But let’s not get ahead of myself…I have to make sure I tested well first and get the interview, then I have to pass that…

Other than that, life has been pretty blah. I get my boys tomorrow, sure to be some geocaching involved as long as it’s not too cold. I hate the cold with a passion! I hate to be cold, I’d rather be hot. I love heat! My OM always says my thermometer is off because I’m always so cold, which it probably is. When I was about 12 or so, I got sick, real sick. It stated out with flu like symptoms and then turned into something more. It just kept getting worse and worse and I was so out of it. My parents, naturally, weren’t watching me much, just let me care for myself. I wasn’t eating, wasn’t drinking, and was so cold, like shaking under 3 thick covers.

Finally one of them, and I have  no idea which, decided it would be a good idea to check my temperature. 106.7 F…yep, you read that correctly, 106.7 F! I was basically dying, in fact when they called the doctor, she was impressed I was breathing. My body was over heating from the inside and killing itself. The doctor ordered me in an ice bath that instant and said to call 911 for an ambulance if it doesn’t come down in 10 minutes. Now with my paramedic background I’ve seen pediatric febrile seizures at just 101F…but 106…I honestly couldn’t tell you if I had one, I should have based on everything you read about it, but I have no idea if I did.

Anyway, ice bath for me and fortunately it went down, rather quickly too. 15 minutes later I was sitting at 101.5F, not so weak or tired, and burning up! It was great, I wasn’t so cold! Every since then I haven’t had a temperature over 99.2F and my “normal” body temperature is 96.1F. The few doctors I have talked to about this can’t believe I’m alive, can’t believe I’m fully functional, and can’t fully explain my low core temperature all the time other than the fact that my body must have killed off the ability to maintain my temperature at a normal level. Thanks doc…explains SO much…

So, tomorrow let’s hope for warmer weather to geocache or it’s going to be all MW3 for us, in my room with a nice warm heater and some blankets!

I’ve been called

At work lately, during our down time, we have been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 3. Unless you live in a box, you know what I’m talking about. It can be quit addicting, something my brother knows all about. The kid NEVER stops playing! Let me give you a typical day in the life of my brother, who I’d like to mention is 20 (soon to be 21).

He wakes up, turns on his computer and xBox. He doesn’t even go eat or anything, literally rolls out of bed and turns on the electronics. He starts playing MW3 and doesn’t stop. He might take the occasional break to run downstairs and grab food or a soda, but then straight back to the game. He’s got his computer next to him, opened on World of Warcraft, playing that in between games. The kid literally sits there ALL DAY! (He clearly didn’t get the ADHD genes I did.) Finally, sometime after midnight, usually between 3-5am he goes to bed. Then back up between 7-8am to start playing MW3 again. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time he will turn the xBox off to go to dinner with his dad (only because dad buys whatever he wants) and he’ll turn on a movie or watch the sports channel, but that’s it…that’s his life. The kid has no job, failed out of college…he’s going no where.

Now, I love playing Call of Duty! But I have to play it in big groups because I can’t stay focused, I have to keep passing the controller. I really don’t know how he can play that long. Even several kids at work do it. I guess to each is own. But after watching my brother grow up, I know I’ll be raising my kids differently. They will spend more time outside like I did and less time on video games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not banning them from video games, but they will not have a tv or system in their room. Time will be limited. I want my kids to grow up like I did, playing outside no matter what. The street lights were your sign that it was time to go in. Playing games with friends, soccer, baseball, kickball, wiffle ball, tag, hide’n’seek, flashlight tag…boy I miss those days! I miss the simplicity of being a kid! And I think anyone my age will agree…we sure do miss those days!

If it’s a crappy day, like it is here, I will be inside getting my ass kicked on xBox, if you care to join my name is Squirt3387.