Message Received

Sorry for the wait until an update for anyone that has been following the story of my Captain. He was suppose to report to work at 1700 and never showed. He was apparently told by a part time employee that they were added to days the Captain was scheduled to work, well the Captain has such a guilty conscious that he called and asked if he should bring his stuff in…hmmm, I wonder what else he has done…

In my opinion, that part timer should be in some trouble for calling the Captain up in the first place, but that’s a different story. So the Captain took 3 hours to show up after class! When he finally did I was no longer there, which was good. He went to the office, got his letter, cleaned out his stuff, and was escorted out of town. I’m praying I never have to see him again. So right now he is either crying or plotting revenge. Personally I’d be trying to find a new job, but then again I would have never done all the crap he did to get himself in this position in the first place. He dug his grave.

Tonight I am due for my first overnight shift at the new job and right now I should probably be sleeping, but I’m not. We’re allowed to sleep but they are so busy that we’ll probably be out running calls all night so I should be getting some zzz’s right now. I was sleeping wonderfully this morning but my PMSing mother ruined that. I had to clean all 3 levels of the house, cut the grass, clean the pool, and then give the pups a bath. Normally I don’t mind doing work but this time it pissed me off because now I’m gonna be up all day and night. I rushed through the work and for the first time ever she didn’t yell at me for that. Once done I decided to lay down and can’t fall back asleep. It might have something to do with the cookie cake I ate for breakfast…yum! : )

Since I couldn’t sleep I planned a few bike/geocache routes with my man! We have a few days coming up where we are both off before I go on an 8 day 24 hour stretch. Yes…that is 8 24 hour days in a row!! Ouch! But it means money. The worst part…it’s at the job I care for the least, but with the Captain gone things might be better…or probably not. Oh well. Gotta make that money, since that job pays the least of all of mine, I won’t be making much. Easy money though. Back to geocaching…I can’t wait! I took my cousins last week and we had a blast! I miss it! And so does my man. I planned us 3 different days that we can take the bikes along trails full of geocaches! I’m super excited and I’m sure I’ll post about it too.

Geocaching has made our trips places more meaningful and exciting. We just love doing it. It takes us to parks we’ve never seen or heard of, new views, adventures, and just good for your health. I’ve gotten a lot of people into it. Hidden a few myself. And even have a few trackables, one of which has become quit popular and really make people laugh. : )

In 2010, I went to Hawaii with my aunt, uncle, their demon child, and my “now ex” boyfriend (he was horrible to me). 3 days after we got back from the trip we were introduced to the word of geocaching and upon looking it up I walked past SEVERAL and didn’t even know it! Man, I wish I had known about it then! I want to go back to Hawaii just to geocache, crazy huh? In fact, when I’m bored I look up different areas and countries that I want to go to and search geocaches there. I want to travel all over and cache! Wouldn’t it be awesome?! This is one of those times where I wish my job were different so I could go caching and visit other countries! I need my Christian Grey! Haha, just kidding. I’m extremely happy with my man and wouldn’t trade him for anything!

In fact, recently I had an offer. A friend of mine, makes good money, just got a divorce like a year ago and asked if I was single, that he’s always kind of liked me and said when I become single he’ll be waiting. Now that I think about it…there are a few guys that have told me that…hmmm…I don’t see any reason why they’d want me. I really don’t think I’m all that good looking and I don’t make a lot of money, I just work hard, enjoy life and that’s about it…I don’t know what exactly they want. Well, I know what some of them want because they were upfront and honest, sorry…pass. I just don’t know what the others “see” in me…

This morning my mom informed me that her and my dad were at it again. Ugh! Divorce sucks! I pray I never have to deal with it!! Ever! The worst part about my parents divorce…they told everyone, the ENTIRE family and all the friends BEFORE they told their own children!! Talk about being hurt…it was like a damn bullet or knife in my heart. We should have been the first to know! Not the last! Even my damn cousins knew first! It still makes me angry to think about it. Why…just why would you do that?! Don’t the children, especially when they are ALL over the age of 18, deserve to know first? Am I wrong here?? So anyone out there thinking about a divorce…your children deserve to be the first to know! Please don’t make them go through what I did. Be honest with them, tell them the truth, don’t hide it and don’t lie.

For now my ramblings will end. I need sleep. Though I’m sure I’ll probably blog more to keep myself up tonight. Good night world! Enjoy the beautiful weather I have to sleep through.