Yea, you heard it. Upgraded to the new iOS 6 on my phone so I could have some new features. Decided it was worth losing my jailbreak. I only jailbroke my phone so I could facetime when ever…guess what…AT&T won’t let you! I’m one of that people that still have the unlimited data plan (which isn’t really unlimited because they MAJORLY SLOW my data down when I use to much watching movies) and unless I pay more for a plan with WAY less data, I can’t facetime over my network. So AT&T…FUCK YOU!!!! Everyone else lets you facetime and are bringing back the unlimited data plan…GET ON BOARD!

That is all. Have a great day! : )

IOS 6…Fail!

I love my iPhone, have loved every single one I have gotten! I laugh every time someone gets an Android and have problems. Sorry, just a major Apple fan. Now, with that said…your updates SUCK!!! Have been trying for 7 hours on my phone and it won’t freaking install! WTF?! Love the update on my iPad but why do I always manage to have trouble installing on my phone?? It gets almost to the very end then fail. Nothing. Just a little frustrating.

Other than that minor problem, life is…well, good minus this mornings incident. Little needle stick at work. Another fail. See, “hell” is full of a LOT of LAZY people!! And once again I found my truck dirty, understocked, and just a freaking mess!! Was cleaning up and bam, fucking needle to the hand! Freaking hurt! And blood too. Sigh. Since we aren’t sure if it was a “clean” or “dirty” needle, I was sent for the full workup. Problem is they don’t have a “patients” blood to compare mine too. Bummer. So for the record here, I hate needles, got stuck by one and they sent me to get stuck by more. Double fail. And needless to say, that did not increase my mood. The freaking vein is VISIBLE! You can SEE it!! AND feel it!! The idiot missed! THREE TIMES!!!!!! Triple fail! : ( I about grabbed the damn thing and did it myself. She got my damn muscle or something because I had tears. I have NEVER had a blood draw hurt so freaking bad! OMG! So I left in tears and a killer ache in my arm. And guess what…in 6 months I get to go back…great…just what I’m looking forward to! Anyone wanna go for me??

Holiday’s…Not My Cup of Tea

It seems like each holiday something worse happens. The 4th started off with my mom yelling all morning. Then I took myself to the clinic because I felt like I was coming down with a sinus infection…great. Got some meds, went home, got yelled at more. People showed up to party, I just felt like crap. Finally went to lay down because my migraine was getting really bad and the medicine wasn’t working. I got up for a bit, after all it’s my party, I can’t let this horrible migraine get to me.

I then found my phone with some water on it…guess what…phone won’t turn on. Someone spilled water all over it while it was charging therefore the waterproof case did not protect it…just wonderful. The best part…no one told me! Put the phone in a bag of rice…woke up today and the touch screen won’t work. For the record…I just bought this phone 12 days ago…not happy.

And to make all the even better, I came down with the flu! Not the brown bottle flu either, the flu flu. I’ve been up all night, can’t hold anything down, this is horrible. Migraine is better though…for now. So now my man is headed over to care for me when he should be doing the stuff he needs to get done. He’s also going to drive me up to try and get my phone replaced today which is apparently going to cost me $50…I guess that’s better than $700 but this just sucks so bad!! I’m more pissed that no one told me!

Happy 4th!

What’s your secret?

Some of you may or may not know about a website called PostSecret. A guy name Frank Warren sent out blank post cards that asked strangers to share their secrets. He got some back and posted them on his website. Now, several years later thousands send in their secrets every week hoping to see them posted on the website or published in his books. Personally I love the website, I check it religiously every Sunday (the day new secrets are posted). I can’t wait to get up tomorrow to check and see what people have to share this week!

Not too long ago, Frank and a team of helpers released the PostSecret Application, only available for iPhone. I was SO excited for this app to be released! I originally read about it being developed in 2010 and read the release date was suppose to be in the beginning of 2011. 2011 was going to be a good year, ios 5 for the iPhone and PostSecret was releasing an app! Well, I was slightly disappointed at first because ios 5 AND the PostSecret app were not released by the expected time. We had to wait till fall for both, but I check website regularly hoping and praying for an official release day. Despite my wait, I downloaded both the day they were released.

For those of you that did not get to experience it, let me share with you the joy of the PostSecret application. It was a place where you uploaded a picture (one you took or from your album) and then wrote a secret (within a certain amount of letters) and uploaded it using your current location. You could pick your state, city, or a business near by to share your secret. It was wonderful! And you got to reply the same way to secrets as well. People didn’t feel so alone! Tons of people would share their secrets, then others would get on and share theirs as well or comment to that person letting them know they were not alone. Unfortunately the app is no longer usable and available because too many people were using it for bad thing. People would not stop posting pornographic pictures and then some people had the nerve to get on and actually threaten other peoples lives. According to Frank, the FBI got involved and the app was forced to be shut down. Someone always had to ruin it for everyone one!

However, every Sunday Frank has begun to add a section to his website with his updated secrets, it’s called “The Best of the App.” It offers pictures of secrets shared on the app that Frank found. So even though the app is gone, part of it is still here because Frank continues to share it with us. I wish there was a way for the app to be reopened. Part of the problem was it offered so much antonymous posting that it was impossible to track down the people that were using it wrong. I would suggest being forced to create a log in that tracks your phone (a lot like the xBox live system) and when someone is using it wrong, their whole phone is blocked from being able to use the app. I know this is probably some sort of “invasion of privacy” but if xBox can do it legal, then others can too. And it will allow us to have this wonderful app back and hopefully cut down the problems before.

Maybe one day it will be back but for now…the wait for Sunday continues!