Gun Control…NOT the Solution!

I know this will piss people off and I don’t care!

I have seen SO many posts about “Ban guns! They kill people!” “The NRA is the problem!”

You know what…forks make people fucking fat! Are you going to ban those?!

Knives kill people! Are you going to ban those?!

Bombs kill people! Are you going to ban those?!

Airplanes kill people! Are you going to ban those?!

Cars kill people! Are you going to ban those?!

Motorcycles kill people! Are you going to ban those?!

Stupidity kills people! Do you plan to ban that?!

Did you know there was another school incident yesterday? Where innocent school children where seriously injured? No? Well look it up, China has had an out break of stabbings in schools and it happened again yesterday…there were no guns involved. Not a single gun was involved and innocent children were hurt! You going to say knives need to be banned?!

You take away the guns from the law abiding citizens it just makes them sitting ducks for the criminals who will ALWAYS find a way to have guns. Guns are like drugs, here to stay, weather they are legal or not, and there is no removing them. You tell citizens they have to turn their guns in, no more guns, you think the criminals are going to do the same??? If you said yes…well I’m sorry, but you’re too fucking stupid to be here so please stop reading now! Criminals will ALWAYS have guns! Just like there will ALWAYS be drugs!! Making something illegal does not make it go away!

So your solution is to take away the guns? Fine, now what, they find bombs? Fly airplanes into buildings? People that want to kill and harm will always find a way to do so! Take away my right to protect myself and those around me…yes that will stop the crime! Chicago has one the highest gun crime rates in the country and it is ILLEGAL to carry a gun on you, whether open carry or conceal and carry…it is ILLEGAL! And it has NOT stopped gun crimes because the criminals know that people are not allowed to protect themselves…this makes them an easy target. So you want to do what Chicago has done? Ban conceal and carry across the country…that is a great idea…let’s watch the crime rates jump even high! For a while Chicago had a law that made handguns illegal, guess what…they held the record for the most handgun crimes at the time. Handguns were illegal to own, illegal to possess, but yet they had the highest rate of crime involving them…so let’s ban guns, lets make them illegal, that will solve all the problems…you’re a fucking idiot!

I am very comfortable going into a city, or just being around my town, because I have done the proper paperwork, I have taken the class, and I have to license to protect myself and those around me. I am not scared, because I know I can defend myself. I can protect myself because I have the right to carry my weapon! I have the ability to not be another statistic. I refuse to be an easy target, I refuse to be that “sitting duck”. Take away my gun and you make me an easy statistic, you make me an easy target because criminals will ALWAYS have guns! Just like they always have these drugs that are “illegal” too.

The problem isn’t gun control, we don’t need more of that. We need more information, more prevention, more education. Just because one person made a mistake does NOT mean every single LEGAL gun owner out there will do the same.

And for the record…the deadliest school murder in the US was not from guns…it was from a bomb. Look it up. Columbine was not the deadliest school murder…

Getting Scared

I had a discussion with my man tonight about something that has been on my mind since yesterday. Yesterday my man mentioned that he does not want me around the station at all tomorrow when the Captain is given his notice for administrative leave. This Captain is mentally unstable, he hasn’t been paying his bills, is about to lose his house, and has no one to turn to. Losing his job will be the final straw. Yes, it is his own fault, you can read this post to get some understanding, but he won’t blame himself, naturally it’ll be everyone else’s fault. He will either start crying or want to kill someone, I’m thinking he’ll start going after people and so does my man. There is some serious concern here for both our lives.

My man has a horrible habit of leaving things unlocked, small town, and now I’m trying to get him to lock his doors because this guy is that unstable. We don’t know if he has access to anything and thanks to stupid politicians that swear gun owners are the problem, neither of us can protect ourselves when at his house. For the anti-gun people out there…guns aren’t the problem, neither are LEGAL gun owners…it’s the people that have them ILLEGALLY that cause problems! Those are the ones you should be concerned about and taking away my gun just means they are more likely to start problems because they know I can’t protect myself. Can’t take a knife to a gun show!

Anyway…there is a concern for both our safety right now and tomorrow there is going to be some discussion about what to do with that. Fortunately they have till tomorrow afternoon before he comes to work, so all morning plans will be made on how to handle this, what to do, how to get him out of town and ensure he doesn’t come back around. I guess tomorrow you will get an update on how everything goes.

Now onto a slightly lighter topic…I out shot my man again today with his own weapon!  : ) First I out shot him with his own shotgun that he’s owned and hunted with for over 20 years…apparently I’m way better at hitting clay targets than he is. Tonight I out shot him again, this time with a handgun. I’m a damn good shot! If only he could shoot a bow…I’m sure I’d be able to out shoot him with that too. lol I’m quit good with my bow as well. I don’t spend as much time shooting as I used to, but I still have the hang of it.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a bit of a tomboy and my man says he loves it. I love camping, fishing, hunting, and anything outdoors. I have a handgun, shotguns, rifle, bow, dirtbike, wakeboard, and play all kinds of sports. I can skateboard, rollerblade, play hockey, soccer, football, soft/baseball, basketball, tennis…you name it, I do it. I can plan any instrument you hand to me. I started on the flute, went to piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, tenor sax, trombone, trumpet, french horn, baritone, piano, then percussion. I played in concert band, jazz band, pep band, and winter drumline. Don’t laugh, band was more respected in my school than football was. I can work on cars and all small engines, I do all the work on mine and my brothers dirtbike. I have an xBox and enjoy that. But I also love relaxing and reading.

I’m pretty good at just about anything I do and a lot of things come very easy to me. My grandma tells me all the time how gifted I am, both in schooling and on the streets. My man tells me I have the book smarts, street smarts, and common sense…he said it’s very rare to find all that in a person, especially someone my age. : ) What can I say, I’m a talented little shit!

Parenting at it’s best!

Popular news for the day includes parenting…once again. And this one I’d have to say I totally agree with! Some people are calling this “child abuse.” How?! Honestly?!?! The father shot that laptop, which HE bought, with his gun withOUT the child present! This is NOT child abuse! You want to see child abuse, I can show you child abuse. This child deserves what she got! That’s the problem with the world today, not enough parents actually parenting, too many spoiled children, and too many people bitching about “punishment.” Taking stuff away from a child who screwed up is NOT child abuse! Spanking a child that did wrong is NOT child abuse! Excessively hitting, screaming at constantly, not feeding, not offering the basic necessaries, and constantly putting the child down…that’s child abuse! Not this!! This is a parent doing his job! Something a lot of people need to learn from! I agree 100% with what this parent did! No person under the age of 18 should be going around cussing, bad mouthing, disrespecting their parents like I see all too many doing today! It’s horrible! No one parents their child! Give the child chores, directions, punish them…they NEED this! Why do you think there are so many problems in this world! I could rant for hours, but instead I will spare you and share this video.

Moving on…
I had my boys today and we decided on snow crab legs for dinner. I have never cooked these before but after looking up some recipes online I decided it couldn’t be too hard, so despite the snow and ice coming down, off to the store we went. Crab legs happened to be on sale today (good day for a craving) so we picked them up, along with nutcracker (the redneck way), stick butter, and garlic powder. We should have checked supplies at home because we had a huge container of garlic powder! On the way out we passed the Valentine’s sections and it just so happened they had some Cadbury creme eggs, score! Grabbed a handful. Then home to start cooking.

It was quit easy, just boil some water, stick a strainer on top to keep the legs out of the water, cooked for about 8-10mins, then done. Slowly melted the butter, added a little garlic powder and some parmesan cheese, and all done. No measuring, just guessing. It was oh so yummy! And the boys loved it! And I have to say…out crab meat came out WAY easier than the stuff you get at Red Lobster! Don’t get me wrong, their food is amazing, but mine was way easier to eat. Our crab meat came out in whole pieces.



Our original plans were to geocache, but due to the crazy weather and weather changes we can get around here, geocaching was out. We had fun cooking dinner and killing people on Call of Duty instead. Some times it’s just nice to relax inside. Monday they are calling for 4-6 inches of snow! I can’t wait!! Though I’m stuck working, which seems to be the case every time we get snow…oh well, we will have a snowball fight there! Bring it on mother nature!