Caching in the SNOW!!

Yesterday I went to work, never bothered to check the weather. It was just suppose to be cold. Watched the news, they said cold, nothing else. At 1pm it started SNOWING!! I mean HUGE FLAKES!! I was SO excited! Damn weather people, can never get it right. It snowed until well after I got up this morning. We only have about 2 inches but it was snowing it’s ass off for quit some time! Just too warm of ground for it to stick until after.

I worked in the snow, at hell. Hell froze over! lol It wasn’t too bad because the bitch didn’t show up! Sure made my day! The assholes there are bitching that bringing this union in means they are going to lose their hours. I went off on one of them and said, “you signed the card, YOU have NO right to complain! I on the other hand do because I knew this would happen but no one listened.” Apparently they want to start negations soon…you can’t negate more money out of a city that has none…fucking idiots! So now that they got this damn union they wanted it means we are cut off at 32 hours a week, where I normally had 80 or so but we never got over time pay because we weren’t classified as part time. That didn’t bother me because I could get all my hours at one job, saving me money and hassle of driving to many locations. We weren’t required to do chores or even stay at the station, now we can’t leave and have to work from 8-4 every day doing chores and whatever else they give us. We can’t ask for a raise because the city is broke, but now we are paying union dues…in the end it means less money, WAY less money but no one listened to me!! That’s why the past Chief quit, because of this union and they shit everyone is pulling. Now they fucked us! And I refuse to listen to any of them bitch! And they will know it!

If we get enough snow there I have plans to build a snowmen, one I found online that is freaking sweet!! : )

IMG_3052We didn’t have enough snow for that yet! However, we did get quit a bit…enough to making caching a little more difficult! Here’s a few pictures of our adventure in the woods.

It was beautiful but man was it cold! I did get to try out my new GPS my man got me! It worked GREAT! Though he is stuck at work for today and tomorrow so he didn’t get to join. But he made sure I bundled up and told me to have fun, which I sure did! I can’t wait to go again! And since I have a LOT of time off in January…I guess I’ll spend it caching as much as possible.

Geocaching and GPS Devices

I’m currently doing anything I can to keep my mind occupied. I’m SO hungry! Starving!! Surgery isn’t until 5pm therefore I’m dying of hunger! Ok…so I’m not “dying” but I am VERY hungry. To keep my mind off the hunger I’ve decided to blog…again. You getting tired of hearing from me, aren’t you? Sorry. This will be the last until after I recover. Today I’ve decided that I’d like to share a few things about geocaching. Recently I had a fellow cacher contact me because they couldn’t find my cache. They are new to the geocaching community and I decided I would help them out. A few e-mail exchanges later and they found it. I found out that this new geocacher is using a smart phone, nothing wrong with that, that’s how I got started, but if you really want to get into this sport I suggest you look into getting a GPS device.

You can go to the Geocaching website and search GPS reviews or visit the Guide to Buying a GPS Device page as well. You can also use the trusty google and see what’s to be said on there. In all my time reviewing, I’ve found Garmin to be the most popular device. I’ve also seen many cachers on the trails using a Garmin device. There are several other options out there, but around here Garmin is the most popular. I am currently caching with my iPhone and two Garmin devices. I use the iPhone geocaching application to look up information and hints on the caches but I use the GPS device to get me to the cache.

The first device that we use the majority of the time is the Garmin eTrex10. We have the older version but it works great for us! It’s small, reliable, durable, and waterproof. It gets us very close to the cache then we use a little geosense and hints to find the actual cache. No GPS will get you exactly to the spot because you don’t know how good the gps device is that the person placed the cache with and even if your device is the same it won’t read perfect. The eTrex gets us very close and has a great battery life. I love this little guy! Another advantage to this device is it’s relatively cheap making it great for people just getting started or anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot.

The second device we use is the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx which they don’t make anymore but here is their comparable device. This is also a great device, durable, reliable, and waterproof. Battery life is also great on this device however it’s larger than the eTrex. For guys this may not be a problem, but women’s pants have crappy pockets! I can’t get this device to fit so I prefer to carry the eTrex when we’re doing short caching and not carrying anything with us. However on longer trips and times when we are carrying more stuff this device is great! It’s slightly more accurate than the eTrex but they both get us relatively close and we just search from there.

The advantage to both these devices is when we’re doing a random, not planned, geocache adventure we can enter the caches right into the device. We can also plan the adventure and upload them into the devices before we leave. Either device is great! There is a reason why I decided to do a little review on the devices is because today in the mail I received a flyer from Cabela’s for their father’s day sale. My father will be receiving nothing more than a card from me, but on the flyer they had a section of GPS devices for sale. So check it out, there will be plenty of sales this father’s day. Find the device that is right for you.


As promised, here are a few geocaching pictures from our adventures. From time to time I will add more pictures, but here are a few I had on my phone, there are a bunch more on my computer!


You never know what kind of speed limits you will find.


Looks like the class clown made it high in the political system…I’d so do this!


The last originalcovered bridge in our state that is fully functional.


Firetower with a beautiful view!


That’s a long way up!


And this is the reward when you get to the top.


Just beautiful!


I love my area.


It’s even more beautiful on a clear day.


Overlooking river at one of many parks along the water.


Another park, off another river. Great fishing hole.


Another park on even more water.


A wonderful vacation. This cache took us up a slick, steep hillside to overlook the entire town!


More water.


Another view overlooking the town.


A small park that over looks the town with many caches in it.


The other side of this park is level with the town.

I have many pictures of caches we found and the people I found them with, I will upload more pictures when I’m back with my computer. More views and examples of caches soon to come!