Good Evening My Followers

How is life treating each of you? My life is going ok, just been busy. I have so much to catch up on! I’m working like crazy but still trying to catch up on bills from when I wasn’t working then I had car trouble. My old car. Still nothing wrong with the engine, that beast just won’t die! lol But it seems someone is cutting my valve stems…I had to buy two new tires three weeks ago, had to buy another tire again this week. I am getting very frustrated and falling much further behind because I just started breaking even! May I wish I could just catch up…don’t we all. I’m working practically every single day and still not quit there, but that’s ok. I’m working hard and will get myself out of this…some how. Life just likes adding challenges when a person is finally trying to pull through.

Other than work, life involves sleep…that’s about it. Honestly. I have so much on my mind I want to share here but either don’t have the ability to type it all out or am just too freaking tired to do so. Work is keeping my butt moving…non stop…literally! People need to stop calling 911! Well, not all of them. The problem is the people that don’t need the ambulance are the ones that freaking call, all the time, several times a week! But the ones that do need it won’t call until it’s too late. That will get me on a rant about our damn system in this country…not only has the government fucked us all! I get to deal with those lazy ass free loaders all damn day! But I will save that for another time…for now…have a good night! I’m exhausted and need sleep before work…again! Take care all!


As you know, if you’ve read my past blogs, I pretty much hate our worthless, over spending, I’m too good to work a day in my life government. They are wasting money on lazy ass people while the military fighting for us are getting cuts. People in prison get better amenities than our military and old folks in nursing homes. Did you know it’s a federal law that TV’s have to be available to prisoners…??? Are you kidding me??? I say we do it like other countries, no food unless someone gives you money. No TV, no sun…or just take you out of town and drop you for dead and see if you can make it back.

Anyway, I came across this petition today and had to share. People have created a petition to try to get Obama to resign. I’d love to see himself and our entire government resign and start over! They have ruined what this country was created on! Anyway, I’m too busy to keep ranting about this right now but the link is below if you want to check it out. Work has been keeping me too busy to blog but I will be back soon…I hope! Take care all!

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re down in the dumps and can’t really explain why? Today is one of those days. I’m tired, in pain, and just feel shitty but I can’t really explain why I’m so down today. I just feel…alone, lost, confused, and sad. My mind is always moving from one thing to the next, I think about things most people don’t and things I probably shouldn’t think about. I’d probably get locked up if I sat down with someone and explained everything that passes through my mind.

The beauty about a blog, this one in particular, is I can say anything I want and it doesn’t matter. I can let my mind wonder freely and I can openly talk about anything I want and if you don’t like it…well, stop reading. You won’t hurt my feelings. I can talk about the government, racial issues, life, stupid people (aka job security) and there’s no one to argue my opinion. No, my opinion isn’t always right, that’s why it’s an opinion, it’s my choice but if you choose to argue with me…well your comments can be deleted very easily because this is my blog and I can do that.

I just feel so stressed and my mind is going a million times a minute and this is my place to be free and say as I please so I will start to take advantage of that. For starters…I don’t give a damn what color your skin is, if you fucked up then you deserve the punishment! I’m tired of there being Black History Month, money for college just for being black, people using the phrase “it’s because I’m black!”, and all that shit! Get the fuck over it!! You don’t see the Jewish people using that against the world or the Germans…they got over it and to be honest, they were put through way worse! There are a LOT of bad people out there and the color of their skin has nothing to do with it! It’s the way they were raise and the person they CHOOSE to be! Yes, they have a choice!!

Just like all these girls getting pregnant and living off the government…grow up! You wanted the kid, raise it! And don’t do it on my tax dollars!! And I am a VERY STRONG believer that if I have to take a drug test to get a job then your ass sure as hell better have to take a damn drug test to get my money!! I’m tired of these lazy people (black AND white) living off my money and using it for drugs. Especially these people that just keep popping out kids for more money. “If you take the money away then the kids will suffer” seems to be a classic politician line…dude, the kids are already suffering!! You think the parents on using that money on them?! Honestly?!? Talk about being blind!

I’m going to open this up for a little opinions here. Feel free to leave any comment you want, it will not be deleted. I want to see what other peoples take is on this matter.