Geocaching…Keep Me Here

I currently have 7 consecutive days of geocaching, which is pretty cool. I’m going to see how many days I can go with finds. The hardest days will be ones where I have to work 24’s but I’m determined to do this some how. I just hope people keep hiding them nearby. My man thinks it’s funny, he says I’m obsessed but still supports me. He’ll go with me or drive me anywhere to find that! How awesome!

While looking online, I noticed a series of caches I’m going to get next time I visit Colorado! Check it out in the picture, how cool is that? We don’t have street straight enough for something like that around here. I told my man about it and he’s ready to go find them with me! I can’t wait to get back out to Colorado, to take pictures and find these many caches and more!! : ) I’m not sure if we’re going to fly out or drive, but I can tell you the drive was HORRIBLY LONG! Having our own car was great, but getting there was horrible, cheaper, but long!

On a side note, found a couple website for you geocachers out there. They are to help you with your geocaching experience, share with other cachers, and just informative to anyone new to the sport.

Printable geocache long sheets from TechBlazer

Save The Trackables!

Geocaching 101 – All your questioned answered!

Finding Your First Cache

If you haven’t tried geocaching, check it out! You might like it. I hope to one day get all the state in the United States and then maybe get other countries too! This is quit the goal but I’m determined!

Geocache Trackable

In a week I leave for a week!! And I cannot wait!!! My man and I are disappearing from the world!! : ) In preparation for this trip I have been trying to collect all the trackables I can and this has been a problem!

See, people seem to want to keep these little guys and I wish they wouldn’t. : ( I have 8 trackables running around, 3 are MIA, 1 the person won’t pass on has had it for almost two years, another 2 are in caches waiting for pick up, and another 2 people have reported on different caches but unknown if they are there.

When I get a trackable I am sure to log it right away! And pass it on as soon as possible, I wish everyone else felt the same. There seem to be a LOT of trackables missing around me! I think we need to educate the geocache world a little more about how trackables and geocoins work!

Coins seem to go missing the easiest, and I came across one recently that was a good idea. They photocopied the actual coin, attached it to cardboard and laminated it…that way if it gets lost, well they just make another “copy”! Genius!! I should do that instead!

So, for the geocaching community, especially those new at all of this, please, PLEASE log your trackables and don’t keep them…they WANT to travel!!