Calling My Geocachers!!

My fellow cachers, I need your help dealing with a real piece of work cacher. I will fill you in through e-mail, but if you are willing to help me out please e-mail me at I just need you to submit a log for me, that’s all. This isn’t something I normally do, but I will explain if you e-mail me.

Thanks! Hope everyone is having a better week than me! People are assholes!

Beyond Grumpy!

I am beyond grumpy, angry, mad, worked up, and am just fucking pissy! So much for my one and only weekend off! Naturally everyone has to come along and fucking ruin it!

There seems to be a nation wide outage on my cell carrier, can’t do anything unless I’m on a wifi connection! It started some last week, but went out all together Thursday night! If you have the same problem, then you also have AT&T! Assholes!!!! I drove 45 miles into town to trade out my phone only to get home and see the problem wasn’t fixed. Drove the 45 miles into town again to change out my SIM card to find out that didn’t fix the problem either. Used my mom’s phone, same problem. Texted some friends, they had the same problem. Got online, many people with the same problem! Called AT&T back to be told, “if this was a problem for everyone then we would have tickets on it.” I had been trying for 2 days to get the dicks to create a ticket! Of course you have none because your damn customer service won’t let us create any!!! Called two more times an FINALLY got a ticket yesterday night! Called back today to bitch some more and got told, “this is a known problem but it’s Sunday so it will not be fixed.” Direct fucking quote!! I have been trying since THURSDAY to get you assholes to fix this but you wouldn’t believe me!!! So guess what…you are getting one nasty phone call tomorrow!!!! I foresee a discount on my future bill!

The outage affect many sites, not all, but things like eBay, Craigslist, ESPN, Twitter, and MANY more. But it also shut down geocaching! Can’t access the site or use any app linked to it from my phone without a wifi connection! My ONE AND ONLY weekend off and it chooses THIS weekend to stop fucking working!!!!! I’m upset about more than just my phone though, that just definitely did NOT help the situation.

I planned this weekend off because my man had a camping tripped planned and said I can go along if I’m not working. His words were, “don’t take off of you can’t afford it but if you’re off let’s camp.” Well, naturally I couldn’t afford to take off, hell I’m still living on scraps and Ramon noodles. My clothes are WAY to big for me and it’s just a mess. So I didn’t take off, but I didn’t get scheduled so I planned on camping. On Thursday he tells me, “I don’t think you’ll like this camping trip, it’s a bunch of old people going, so why don’t you stay home and hang out with your friends.” Fine, whatever! But you didn’t have to wait till the night before you are leaving to tell me!!!

You saw from my previous I passed critical care class. Our graduation is coming up and I invited my man to come. He’s really the only person I have that I want going, besides my friends but they have to work. He agreed he’d go and said he was excited for me. Well after he ditched me for this weekend I looked at our calendar. We share a calendar so he doesn’t miss my important events and we can plan trips and stuff. I see on the calendar the night of my graduation that he has a camping trip planned. He has known about my graduation date for 3 weeks! 3 FUCKING WEEKS and he plans a camping trip during it! With his bitch daughter that he is constantly complaining about! I’m fucking livid! Not only did he blow me off this weekend, he blew off my graduation and is planning camping with everyone BUT ME! And he can’t figure out why I’m upset…I told him not to talk to me right now. He’s texted me a few times and tried calling to see if I was ok. I told him “alive” once and hung up. I really have no desire right now to talk. It just hurts that he did that and thinks me being upset is uncalled for.

I had a brief conversation with him earlier, explained AGAIN why I am upset and he still didn’t get it! Kept telling me it’s healthy to do things outside the relationship, which I completely agree, but THAT is not why I’m upset!! I gave up and said don’t text or call until you hear from me. It just really hurts right now and everything else has me worked up too. Yea, I’m over reacting, I’m such a bitch for telling him to leave me alone but this graduation was important to me and the ONLY person I wanted there and promised to be there blew me off again. So you know what, he can go camp all by himself with all these other people because I’m tried of trying to “schedule time” to see him and then him canceling it. He has plenty of time to spend with other people so I’m done wasting my time trying to see him!

Easter Break

Did everyone have a good Easter holiday? I did…sort of. I was suppose to be off work, my first holiday off in years, but that didn’t happen. Naturally someone called off, go figure. Why someone that calls off all the damn time gets scheduled so much, and on a holiday of all things…well there’s a reason she’s called Chief Bitch! I guess it wasn’t so bad, because I only had to do the first half of the shift, then got to get on with my plans.

I told my parents I was working so I wouldn’t have to deal with either of them or their families. My plans were to cache with my man, which we still got to do, just a late start. Caching Gods were not good to me! I had a very unsuccessful day while my man was finding them all! Not normal, not normal at all. I still had fun though and got to spend some time with him, which is always wonderful! I spent today caching too! We had a lot more success! My man didn’t get to join but I got to meet some new cachers and hang out with the older group. They came my way, so that made it easy and fun. I finished up the more difficult ones around my house. I wish someone would pay me to travel the world and geocache, how fucking awesome would that be??

Before my caching adventure today, I called the Chief of the department I just interviewed at to explain about the ticket I forgot about. She was totally cool and understanding and said I wasn’t the only one. : ) How awesome is that? She was really really nice about it! Said letters are mailing out today and they should be to us by the end of the week. I’m still nervous! I was informed before my interview that I should be proud to make it this far. My old instructed was shocked to find out I have an interview because he said they never hire without 3-5 years experience and I have 1 month and 1 year exactly! I guess I should be proud, but I will be even more proud if I landed myself the job. Last week, after the interview, I wrote out a nice thank you card and mailed it to the Chief too. I hope that helps. I told her I was honored to interview with her and appreciated the time. She should have gotten it today at the very latest. Now I’m just trying to keep myself busy until that thing shows up!

This week is two days of Critical Care Paramedic, including a test I am suppose to be studying for, then next week is the FINAL!!!! Holy shit!!!! FINALS = Fuck I Never Actually Learned Shit : ) After that I hope to be back in the blogging world! I miss being here, reading your stories, and posting my own. So if I vanish for a while, I’m preparing. But I promise to post as soon as I get my letter. Have a great week all!

Skipping a Holiday

March 31st is Easter and I’m skipping it! I put into work and didn’t get scheduled at a single job of mine, FML! I was really hoping to work, it makes life easier, but as far as my family is concerned I’m working. I’m getting up in the morning, getting ready, dressed in work clothes and leaving to meet my man. We are spending the day geocaching!! : ) I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday. I get to finally spend some time with my man, away from reality, enjoying ourselves as a normal couple. Maybe we can make geocaching a holiday tradition for us because this isn’t the first one I lied and skipped out on. Can you blame me? You would to if you were stuck with my family!

As for my day…well if you are watching the weather I about going to be snowed in soon. The only problem with this is I’m about to get snowed into hell job! It doesn’t matter how much it snows, I WILL be leaving tonight when my shift is over! I REFUSE to get stuck here! These people are fucking idiots! The city has been talking about shutting the department down, so what do these fuckers do? They decide to start a website and post addresses and HOME phone numbers for city officials! It’s really funny though, when I first read it I couldn’t help but laugh. They should probably have found someone that was literate and knew some basic English…fucking idiots! You just guaranteed we will get shut down…thanks. I’m glad though, the sooner they shut it down the sooner I’m done dealing with you assholes and won’t have to pay back any of my money for schooling. I appreciate it! Really, I do!

As for life, it’s going good. Been taking care of my puppy, he’s been so drugged, but he’s doing wonderful! Which makes me feel a million times better! He’s back to his happy, playful self! I started another blog, for my dog, and to work on my writing skills, if you want to read it just e-mail me and I’ll share.

Now off to work on my photography to try to keep me out of trouble while I’m stuck in hell job. I don’t need to get written up again because a bunch of assholes get their lie together and fuck me over.

Geo Pack

Often times I get asked why I carry such a large pack into the woods, especially when we are doing long hikes. Many people have said, “That’ll wear you out. You’ll get tired of carrying that all day.” Well my dear friends…when you’re ass goes down I’ll be the one saving it! I carry that pack for myself, but for you as well! I might be over prepared but I’d rather that than nothing to survive. I have training on how to survive off the ground around you, how to protect yourself, and keep alive for help, but it comes down to the basics. I will share some survival tips with you then we will get into what I carry with me.

Many people get this out of order but it is every important to remember, the order of your priorities, in order to survive. If done in this order, you have a greater chance to survive, remember that! If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t think you will be rescued soon, here are your next steps to take.
1. Find/Make shelter
2. Find Water
3. Find Food
4. Signal

In the event that you find yourself lost and unsure when rescue will get to you the first step is to stay put, don’t keep walking and wondering, getting yourself more lost. Stay where you are, sort of. You need to travel around your area some to find the best location to put up camp, but don’t wonder far, it makes you harder to find. You need a location with protection and water near by if possible. Depending on where you are trapped you may find a cave is a good shelter, or you may need to get yourself off the ground and in the trees. Start with a basic shelter, a roof and one side wall, that’s all you need at first, you can worry about adding more walls later when you have finished the other steps. Remember to use leaves or grass as the bedding, it will help keep you warmer and more comfortable. Also remember that part of shelter is building a fire or finding some sort of heat source. Make sure to build then make fire though, building a shelter helps bring your moral up and make you feel happy and accomplished.

Next you need to find water. We have a rule you learn in survival training, remember this rule. “A person can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours in extreme weather without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.” So I hope your shelter is in an oxygen environment…but shelter is more important than you think. Followed by water. You need to find a water source. You can use leaves and containers to collect water if it’s raining, otherwise you need to try to locate a spring or at the bear minimum running water! Try to avoid any sitting water unless you have chemicals to help filter and clean it out. So find your water and move to your next priority.

Food. Food is less important than you think, unless you are a diabetic, but even then you can survive. Fish help you, there are plants around you to eat. If you are unsure of your plants, don’t touch, you could end up worse. Bugs. Sounds gross, trust me, but in survival you can eat those nasty critters crawling around. Just cook them over your open fire. Yum! But you have to do what you have to to survive.

Finally, signal. You need to create visible makers so people can find you! And STAY PUT! Moving around makes you harder to find! If you have a fire that is great! Make smoke with leaves, that will help! but be careful not to put your fire out. If you can’t make a fire, mirrors, shiny objects, bright clothing…put it where it is visible! That will help you too. Your shelter should be undercover, but find an open area to put your markings so it can be seen easier. You can easily lay next to a tree and be missed, so make your marks visible.

Now, for the list of items I carry in my pack. Warning…this may seem like a lot but I carry it all with me and it’s only 7 lbs! You just have to be careful of the material you get, some is lighter than others.

  • water bladder
  • empty water bottle
  • water filter system (small bag type)
  • water purifying tablets
  • “Survival Kit” includes: chain saw (the small flexible pocket one), waterproof matches, kindling (for fire), mirror (special designed for signaling), whistle, fish hooks, string, wire, multi-tool (including hammer, knife, and pliers), survival tips book, fire starter block, emergency blanket, sewing kit
  • flashlight
  • GPS device
  • SPOT Device
  • First Aid Kit includes: gauze (4×4, 2×2, 5×9), emergency blanket, gauze rolls, gloves, triangle bandage, Vaseline gauze for chest and neck injury, band aids, tape, coband, durmabon (not available to everyone), steri strips, aspirin, and other odd items
  • my weapons and extra bullets
  • sharp knife (to prepare animals for food)
  • 75 feet of webbing and 3 locking carabiners
  • 150 feet of braided paracord
  • compass
  • paper and pen

I have other odds and ends, but that’s pretty much it. I’m pretty much set, I can survive for a few days in the woods. I have two packs, that above is my larger pack, used for the longer trips. The smaller pack has a more abbreviated edition but some of the same stuff.

So…how are you prepared for the long caching journeys??