Where Have the Days Gone??

Life has been crazy! As usual, crazy busy! I had wonderful orientation and tons of fun, despite the problem child starting problems. I love my new job, it was so much fun! I love the people there and the bosses seem to like me. What little time I do have off has been spent caching…or sleeping. I’m really not sure how much I have slept, but I know it’s not much. I’ve been getting horrible migraines lately which are keeping me from sleeping. If you have migraines then you know that not sleeping makes the migraines worse. I haven’t done much of anything lately.

I have tried hiding some geocaches lately, which isn’t going so well. There are some trails around here that charge a fee to be used, which apparently means these fall in the “commercial geocache” rules. I have reviewed them MANY times and I have even found geocaches that required a fee to access, but somehow these weren’t “commercial geocaches” and mine is. I swear, nothing is easy. We have some rough caachers around here and some tough reviewers. So now I’ll have to wait and see what groundspeak says, but I really hope these get approved because I have a wonderful idea with them! Damn rules!!

I’m going to lay down some more. I hope all my bloggers out there are living a great life! Have fun and smile!

Geocaches Gone Wrong

A friend sent me this link recently, I just have to share! This is awesome! The link to see all the caches listed is here: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=909c9502-796e-442f-aa8f-b71be68a772b

There are so many here but I will share a few that really had me laughing.

GC185AN – Short Circuitry – This cache was destroyed because it apparently looked too much like a bomb. Yep…our paid officials keeping busy.
On 5/6/08 a user posted: Might need maitenance!!! Today there was a three hour hold up on HWY 101 at the bridge. There were rumors going around that there was a “bomb” under the bridge and sheriffs and caltrans were sent out. Pretty much all morning we heard sirens going by….I think the geocache may have been mistaken for a bomb? Couldn’t investigate as there was a huge commotion…The owner then posted: This geocache was destroyed yesterday by the local authorities and Department of Defense. Apparently, it looked too much like an explosive device. As the cache is no longer in place, I am archiving this listing immediately.

GCR9H3 – “The Sting” – This one is just epic…it is probably best not to put a cache next to a police department without permission! This cache was published, found, destroyed, and archived all in the same day! The final note posted on it said, “Oh muggles!” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

GC2F7RD – 1-800-GOT-TWEEZERS? – Ok…if you are going to hide a geocache…it’s probably best to share that with the neighbors. This one never even had the chance to be found! I’ve had my share with law enforcement while caching, most know all about it!

GC1PVBV – A Century on Century – This is just…well awesome but not! Geocaching is truly at your own risk and it is quit the risk if you end up arrested and fined 10k for it. That’s one BAD day of caching!

GC1240D – A Knight’s View – I have been here! Let’s just say a cache near a school, especially in Colorado…bad idea…

There are SO many! I could share all night! When I could use a good laugh again, I will share some more. Enjoy!

Skipping a Holiday

March 31st is Easter and I’m skipping it! I put into work and didn’t get scheduled at a single job of mine, FML! I was really hoping to work, it makes life easier, but as far as my family is concerned I’m working. I’m getting up in the morning, getting ready, dressed in work clothes and leaving to meet my man. We are spending the day geocaching!! : ) I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday. I get to finally spend some time with my man, away from reality, enjoying ourselves as a normal couple. Maybe we can make geocaching a holiday tradition for us because this isn’t the first one I lied and skipped out on. Can you blame me? You would to if you were stuck with my family!

As for my day…well if you are watching the weather I about going to be snowed in soon. The only problem with this is I’m about to get snowed into hell job! It doesn’t matter how much it snows, I WILL be leaving tonight when my shift is over! I REFUSE to get stuck here! These people are fucking idiots! The city has been talking about shutting the department down, so what do these fuckers do? They decide to start a website and post addresses and HOME phone numbers for city officials! It’s really funny though, when I first read it I couldn’t help but laugh. They should probably have found someone that was literate and knew some basic English…fucking idiots! You just guaranteed we will get shut down…thanks. I’m glad though, the sooner they shut it down the sooner I’m done dealing with you assholes and won’t have to pay back any of my money for schooling. I appreciate it! Really, I do!

As for life, it’s going good. Been taking care of my puppy, he’s been so drugged, but he’s doing wonderful! Which makes me feel a million times better! He’s back to his happy, playful self! I started another blog, for my dog, and to work on my writing skills, if you want to read it just e-mail me and I’ll share.

Now off to work on my photography to try to keep me out of trouble while I’m stuck in hell job. I don’t need to get written up again because a bunch of assholes get their lie together and fuck me over.

Caching in the SNOW!!

Yesterday I went to work, never bothered to check the weather. It was just suppose to be cold. Watched the news, they said cold, nothing else. At 1pm it started SNOWING!! I mean HUGE FLAKES!! I was SO excited! Damn weather people, can never get it right. It snowed until well after I got up this morning. We only have about 2 inches but it was snowing it’s ass off for quit some time! Just too warm of ground for it to stick until after.

I worked in the snow, at hell. Hell froze over! lol It wasn’t too bad because the bitch didn’t show up! Sure made my day! The assholes there are bitching that bringing this union in means they are going to lose their hours. I went off on one of them and said, “you signed the card, YOU have NO right to complain! I on the other hand do because I knew this would happen but no one listened.” Apparently they want to start negations soon…you can’t negate more money out of a city that has none…fucking idiots! So now that they got this damn union they wanted it means we are cut off at 32 hours a week, where I normally had 80 or so but we never got over time pay because we weren’t classified as part time. That didn’t bother me because I could get all my hours at one job, saving me money and hassle of driving to many locations. We weren’t required to do chores or even stay at the station, now we can’t leave and have to work from 8-4 every day doing chores and whatever else they give us. We can’t ask for a raise because the city is broke, but now we are paying union dues…in the end it means less money, WAY less money but no one listened to me!! That’s why the past Chief quit, because of this union and they shit everyone is pulling. Now they fucked us! And I refuse to listen to any of them bitch! And they will know it!

If we get enough snow there I have plans to build a snowmen, one I found online that is freaking sweet!! : )

IMG_3052We didn’t have enough snow for that yet! However, we did get quit a bit…enough to making caching a little more difficult! Here’s a few pictures of our adventure in the woods.

It was beautiful but man was it cold! I did get to try out my new GPS my man got me! It worked GREAT! Though he is stuck at work for today and tomorrow so he didn’t get to join. But he made sure I bundled up and told me to have fun, which I sure did! I can’t wait to go again! And since I have a LOT of time off in January…I guess I’ll spend it caching as much as possible.

Geocaching Adventure

I recently met some geocachers, most have been caching since long before me. Others started about the time I did or after me. Either way, it was completely awesome to meet some new people that love caching like I do! What brought meeting these new people? Well…boredom when I started a 5am shift at work and 14 new caches placed that same morning! How wonderful! It gave me something to get out of the building and the hell hole of that job and I had fun. Cached alone and meet people out doing the same. It was great! Started talking and had a blast.

Then recently a new cache was hidden…ok, 3 weeks prior, but no one had found it. Can you believe it, 3 weeks with no find…not one?? So I started reading and this is what it said:

I made this multi fairly quickly last night.  Mainly because of one cache I made a few weeks back. This will probably be the most evil little nano multi you have ever done.  Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Nanos? Uh! I hate nanos but what the hell? So off I headed, with my man first. Read the logs and one person found stage one but that was it. Most people won’t log DNFs, but those that did equaled 9. Crap! Oddly enough I found stage one in very little time. Crazy!! Coordinates were off by 20 feet, but I got it. For the record, this cache had a difficulty rating of 4.5 and to make matters worse, owner said coordinates were off too! Shit! But I found one, talk about some camo! It was a tiny piece of bark that went into the tree and I only found it because the color was slightly off.

So with the numbers, headed to stage 2 and started looking…nothing. It was getting late so my man said it was time to go. That’s ok, it was getting really cold anyway. So headed back the next day…still nothing. Two days and about 7 hours into this damn thing and got nothing. So I phoned one of these new caching friends I meet. He hadn’t been to it before but said he’d gather a group and head out. So we meet there and had a group of about 9 looking. I asked where their GPS said stage 2 was, started with that area since mine before got nothing and within 3 mins I found it!! Crazy!! I actually found it!

For your entertainment…stage two…

So off to stage 3 we go. Spent almost an hour looking, then some other cachers joined us. They drove by, recognized a few cars there and knew what we were looking for. So we all searched, everywhere! Nothing! We were about to give up then started breaking down everything about it. Still nothing. So finally we said, ok, time to move on. I didn’t want to give up so I gave it one last look and guess what…I found that one too!! Completely crazy!!! I couldn’t believe it! I found all 3, weird!

Stage 3…

It was awesome! Meeting new people and FINALLY solving this! Was so glad to have this one done! Plenty of new friends too! And my man thinks it’s great because if he can’t join me, I have other friends I can go with. How cool is that? So we are planning another day soon to go caching and I can’t wait! It’s keeping me occupied and busy, which is a good thing right now.

Geocaching…Keep Me Here

I currently have 7 consecutive days of geocaching, which is pretty cool. I’m going to see how many days I can go with finds. The hardest days will be ones where I have to work 24’s but I’m determined to do this some how. I just hope people keep hiding them nearby. My man thinks it’s funny, he says I’m obsessed but still supports me. He’ll go with me or drive me anywhere to find that! How awesome!

While looking online, I noticed a series of caches I’m going to get next time I visit Colorado! Check it out in the picture, how cool is that? We don’t have street straight enough for something like that around here. I told my man about it and he’s ready to go find them with me! I can’t wait to get back out to Colorado, to take pictures and find these many caches and more!! : ) I’m not sure if we’re going to fly out or drive, but I can tell you the drive was HORRIBLY LONG! Having our own car was great, but getting there was horrible, cheaper, but long!

On a side note, found a couple website for you geocachers out there. They are to help you with your geocaching experience, share with other cachers, and just informative to anyone new to the sport.

Printable geocache long sheets from TechBlazer

Save The Trackables!

Geocaching 101 – All your questioned answered!

Finding Your First Cache

If you haven’t tried geocaching, check it out! You might like it. I hope to one day get all the state in the United States and then maybe get other countries too! This is quit the goal but I’m determined!

Catching Up

I have been a bad blogger lately, I’m sorry. Been working on editing pictures, finding geocaches, hiding geocaches, and creating some trackables. Life in general has been keeping me busy.

My man has been doing great following me and my energy around. : ) I try to remember that he doesn’t have all the energy I do, especially given my ADHD, but he does a great job of keeping up with me. He’s very supportive in my photography and calls himself my “bag bitch.” He also loves geocaching with me and will even follow me to the questionable ones. I’ve accidentally gotten him poison ivy, hives, and chiggers before. : ( I’m not allergic to poison ivy, the chiggers didn’t get me, and hives were so minor they didn’t bother me. It’s weird, recently I found out I’m getting an allergy to peanuts and peppers, but I’m no longer allergic to poison ivy.

My partner the other day at work…well he’s apparently VERY allergic! Oops! He wanted to learn about geocaching and told me to take him to one I haven’t found yet…well somewhere in looking for it we must have gotten into poison ivy because he has it bad! But wants to geocache tomorrow again when we’re both working together! : ) We call it “road familiarization’ but the boss knows what that means considering he’s gone geocaching with us before. He thinks it’s awesome and lets us go as long as our work is done. How awesome right?

I recently got my first, First To Find, and it was awesome! I reported to work at, shift change is so early that the sun doesn’t come up for another 2-3 hours, but my phone went off with new caches hidden in town! What luck! So in the dark, I headed out! Ran across a little 70 year old couple out there caching too! It was awesome, I don’t normally run into geocachers, but they were great! We cached together until the sun came up and we had them all. Then back to work for me. : ) That was the day I taught my partner what geocaching was. He has been hooked since!

Other than that, I have nothing to report. Life has been all work with geocaching mixed in, nothing else. My man has been good to me, though I’m not sure I can say I have been as good to him. I hate that, but they are working on testing new ADHD medicine with me and it’s been screwing with my moods. I finally gave up and went back to adderall and added some vitamins to help with my a-fib problem with my heart. All seems to be helping some. My heart has rarely had a problem and my moods are better if I take the meds on time…don’t worry, my man reminds me! Ha! He can tell when I haven’t taken them. Just one more reason why I love him, he puts up with these mood changes, still loves me and tries to help me though it. I love him!

Geocaching, Keeping Me Busy

So…I’ve decided I want to find every single geocache in the world! I’m taking up a collection to support this…you in? Haha! How cool would that be?? Seriously, getting paid to cache…freaking awesome!! I found several on vacation, my man loves going with me. And I found several more today that were hidden while I was gone. That is what has kept me going at work too, it’s what gets me through my day! I love when people hide new ones for me in town, I’ve hidden a few that I keep up on, and I go around stalking new locations that could use a hide. It keeps me busy when stuck at hell which makes my time there better, thank god!

So who’s with me? Lets just quit our jobs, take up collections, and geocache the world!! : )

Save the Trackables!

Spread the word and let’s educate people on trackables, how to log them, move them, share them, and creates ones you’re not afraid to send out!

Save theTrackables!

I recently acquired new trackables, instead of sending those out I photocopied them, attached the paper to cardboard and covered it with packing tape to keep it water safe! But there are more ways…cover it in clear nail polish attached to a rock…all kinds of stuff! Now I just wish I could get my other ones back so I can keep the tags and do the same…

Geocache Trackable

In a week I leave for a week!! And I cannot wait!!! My man and I are disappearing from the world!! : ) In preparation for this trip I have been trying to collect all the trackables I can and this has been a problem!

See, people seem to want to keep these little guys and I wish they wouldn’t. : ( I have 8 trackables running around, 3 are MIA, 1 the person won’t pass on has had it for almost two years, another 2 are in caches waiting for pick up, and another 2 people have reported on different caches but unknown if they are there.

When I get a trackable I am sure to log it right away! And pass it on as soon as possible, I wish everyone else felt the same. There seem to be a LOT of trackables missing around me! I think we need to educate the geocache world a little more about how trackables and geocoins work!

Coins seem to go missing the easiest, and I came across one recently that was a good idea. They photocopied the actual coin, attached it to cardboard and laminated it…that way if it gets lost, well they just make another “copy”! Genius!! I should do that instead!

So, for the geocaching community, especially those new at all of this, please, PLEASE log your trackables and don’t keep them…they WANT to travel!!