T-shirt Project

I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy and my body away from depression. It’s hard. Tonight I decided to make my own t-shirt, what do you think?

Tomorrow I have to be up WAY too early for shift and teaching CPR while there, but “hell” is bringing me down! I’ll have to fill you in when I can get my mind to settle. I cried today over that place and my awesome man (who still needs a name) came to hold me and make it all better.

Anyway, story later because in 5 hours I have to be up for a 17 hour shift, so for now…my shirt. Do you like?


The front.


The back.


Before the finals.

Pull to the Right!

From time to time, I get on my soapbox about things that frustrate me and today I had something frustrate me. Stupid people. Now, in my line of work, stupid people equals job security. To the public this probably doesn’t sound right, but talk to anyone in my field and they will tell you the same thing. Stupid people (or people making bad decisions) is what keeps us in business and we were far from short of that today!

What are we all taught in driving school?? If you see lights and sirens, pull to the right…correct? Apparently they are no longer teaching this!! I can’t tell you how many times people either stop dead right in front of us or while everyone else is going right, one idiot goes left making it impossible to get through or nearly causing an accident. Is it really that hard people? Let me share a little video from some friends at another department. I’d like to thank the Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service, Alabama for this video!



The funny part about this video…yes, we really do sit behind the wheel and yell this crap about idiot drivers, only sometimes it can be way worse. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when you have a critical patient in the back of your truck.

Emergency Medical Serves are by far the least appreciated service out there! Everyone loves firetrucks and firefighters because they save you from fires. I myself am also a firefighter, so no I am not against the fire service. How many people appreciate the ambulance? No one, not until you or someone close to you needs us. Fire and EMS workers do not receive enough pay for the job they do, and believe me, if any of us got into this field for the money, we’d have left before we started. People complain that we get paid to “sit around and sleep” yet want to know what took us so long when you have an emergency and want us there right away. You can’t have it both ways people.

For the information of the public…when we are not running emergency calls, we are usually cleaning the station, cleaning the equipment, training to strengthen our skills, working with the public to train them…we do not just “sit around.” Yes, we do have our “down time,” meaning our time to relax a little between calls, our chance to have our family come visit, but if you think our job is easy…I dare you to join us for a day. I can promise you, your mind will change. I have not been in this business for a long time, but I have seen things I wish I could forget, I’ve lived the nightmares, yet I promise to be here every day, doing what I love to keep you and your family safe.