My Totally Awesome Man!

This blog was created to talk about my relationship with a man who just happens to be a little bit older than me. He is my rock. He’s making my life so much better. He loves me so much and just adores me. He’s done so much for me and I love being with him! Right now I’m missing my awesome man. He’s stuck at work. I had a dentist appointment today and so far he has taken me to all these appointments. I have horrible teeth, I take after my parents and grandparents. I was ruined from the beginning. I care for my teeth like crazy, but it just doesn’t do much for me. Anyway, lately I have had a lot of work done to fix all these problems and my man has taken me to all of them. Not today…

I had to get the permanent crown put on and I did awesome!! Go me! Zero shots, zero nitrous…just got it done. The dentist even told me what an awesome job I did. We discussed it too. I’m a little shit, just a tiny “100lb soaking wet” type of girl. For some reason my body metabolized medicine too quickly. It took triple the normal dose to keep me sedated when I got my other work done. The numbing shots don’t work, never have. My current dentist has been doing a great job with me taking care of making me comfortable and helped me through it all. Almost all of it done today, just a few more appointments to go but they don’t have to be done for another year. I’m proud of myself though, did all of this on my own. Go me!

We have a date night planned soon, which I’m super excited for! It’s been a while since we’ve gone out alone and had a good time. Lately we’ve gone out a lot with other people or just sat around at home but we’re planning a night out soon to have a good time. I can’t wait! I love nights out with my man! I’ve never been one for clubbing but enjoy a nice dinner and a drink or two. We also have another nice camping trip planned, this one alone, and I’m so ready for that too! His birthday is coming up but he said he’s not celebrating, he’s just going to pretend it doesn’t exist until I can catch up! If only…


Apparently I forgot to mention I was due for surgery…oops! My bad. Yesterday I had minor surgery, it was NOTHING like wisdom teeth! Thank God! Just minor mouth surgery.

I have my parents teeth, HORRIBLE! No matter what I do, how much I brush, I will always get cavities. My parents never took care of what my teeth needed so last September I spent $4,400 on just the UPPER portion of my teeth! Dentists are too damn expensive!!! After that I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out…$2300, shitty service, pain two months after, and numbness…fml! So yesterday I was scheduled to get a tooth fixed that I broke a whole back…found out I now have to get the tooth extracted. : ( An infection got in and ruined the tooth.

I need a rich man!! I so do not have the money for this!! 😥 Help!!

Opinions Please…

Asking for a bit of help from anyone out there that reads the crap I write. I currently have two associates degrees with over 160 credit hours. Crazy, I know. When I switched to the Paramedic degree I was just one class away from my Liberal Arts so I finished that one, then while taking the Paramedic degree classes I took some Fire Science classes as well. So technically I have 2.5 degrees because I’m almost done with the Fire Science but I’m not going to finish it with the college. I get the training and certifications with my department, I don’t really need that associates since I already have two. Anyway, my reason for this blog…

What do I want to get my bachelor’s degree in? This is proving to be a tough decision. Originally I was going to get a management degree because I can use that to work my way up in my field but after thinking about it more…I don’t know. I LOVE my job! More than anything, but I want kids, a family…I don’t want to continue to work 5 jobs when that day comes. Don’t get me wrong, I love work, love all my jobs, but I don’t want to work my life away. Now, what to get my bachelor’s in…

When I first started applying for college my goal was to get into law school, I was crazy! Haha, but really, I’d love to do that now! However, I can’t afford that. I need someone that can put me through school and allow me to pay them back, either work it off now or after school…that’s never going to happen, just my dream land. I have also thought about becoming a doctor, same deal though…it takes money, something I don’t have much of. : ( I could see myself doing either one of these jobs, but the problem is paying for schooling and being able to afford the time off work to go though this…I need a rich friend or family member.

Some other options I have been thinking about include accounting (but my ADHD would really have to be controlled with this one), some kind of computer programming or designing (I’m very good with technology), engineering (I’m really good at math), or something hands on, I’m very good with my hands and love being challenged. One thing is for sure, whatever I pick I think I’d like to minor in writing, it’s something I have always thought about. See, the thing about my career right now is if I’m ever injured or hurt on the job, which happens every day, I need something to fall back on. And like I said before, I don’t want to work 5 jobs, I’d love to be a Firefighter/Paramedic one place and work a whole different career in something else. I don’t want to get burnt out like so many people I know.

So, my problems keeping me from picking a major/minor for my bachelor:

  • Money. How am I to pay for this? I need to pick a degree that I can many enough money to pay the loans back or find someone to help me, sponsor me, whatever.
  • Choosing which one would be best for me.
  • Need. Which job will be in need when I get out of school? I know so many people with a major in psychology or marketing and they can’t find a job to save their life. They are in major debt and no job. I don’t want that.

I do know one thing, I want to minor in writing! I do want to follow that path to some extent. Do I pick something to go with the minor in writing and work fully towards my dream of writing? That sure would be hard and I’m looking for something that is going to help pay my loans off right away, not prolong them. What to do, what to do…HELP!

Next subject on today’s agenda, my “oh so wonderful” father. Could you hear the sarcasm in that? A few weeks back my father told me he was not going to sign my car over to me, the one I bought and paid for, the one he hasn’t spent a single dime on, and the one I did NOT want his name on! This stupid divorce strikes again! When all the paperwork was filed and everything done the car was suppose to be put in my name and my name only. Somehow my dumbass father ended up being able to put his name on it. Well, I bought a new car and kept the old one because it only costs me $40 a month on insurance. Well, I wanted to insure them both under me to get the multi car discount…the asshole refuses to sign the car to me, he says, “it’s fine the way it is.” Controlling jerk! And he wonders why I won’t talk to him.

Today he was at the house picking up his crap when I came home from work, I didn’t say a single word to him! He was not happy but I don’t care anymore. It’s like training a dog, I’m not letting in! He just wants his name on the car so he can control me more and I refuse to let that happen. I’m pissed, I can’t sell it or anything either because the jerk refuses to do anything with it. I am one very pissed off person right now. He’s such a damn abusive child! Grow the hell up!! He used to bitch and whine to people that I was going on vacation and what a bitch I was for it. They would ask him if he was paying for it…nope. They would ask him if I was using his stuff for it…nope. They would ask him why he cared and told him to leave me alone, there is nothing wrong with a 24 year old planning a vacation…he doesn’t need to be involved. My life…one story at a time…

Other than all this stuff, life with my man has been awesome! I couldn’t be more happy with him! I won’t lie, some days I wish he were closer to my age, it just makes things easier, but he’s totally worth the battle! I’m so happy with him in my life, he supports me, loves me, cares for me, helps me, and just is the rock of my life. I can’t wait to see him again, we have lots planned this week. Geocaching, bike trips with geocaching, fishing, swimming, day trips to the country…I’m so excited! You’ll probably hear from me less this week. Tomorrow is surgery, have to get a tooth repaired that I broke…damn dentists are expensive!! They need to regulate that crap! Ugh! Oh well, has to be done I guess…so off to bed I go. Only slept 3 hours last night with a 15 minute nap today. I’m starting to get slap happy and I need to try to get my butt in bed before that happens. Big day tomorrow, will advise on how everything goes. Thank you God for sedation dentistry! Numbing has never worked on me, finally I’m not so afraid of the dentist.

Lazy…A Common Illness

I try not to let the little stuff bother me but the pure laziness at work is driving me crazy! No one cleans! EVER!! Trucks stay bug covered for weeks, nothing gets wiped down, dirty dishes left in sink for weeks, no sweeping, no cleaning…it’s just gross!! Even worse is when it comes to the trucks and equipment! I hate germs but apparently my coworkers enjoy them because I came in after a week off this truck and cleaned it to find this…

This was after just a few wipes and only about 1/4 of the truck! WTF people?!?! Then after spending two hours cleaning and wiping down the entire inside I spent 3 hours scrubbing weeks worth of bugs off the front of the truck. I mean the lack of respect and work ethic is making me crazy! I bust my ass daily with very little help, especially none from the full time staff!! I can’t wait to start this new job, at least I will not be alone in my work and it will finally be appreciated! After 3 consecutive 13 hour days of cleaning, all trucks are bug free, backboards scrubbed and disinfected, patient compartment disinfected, all equipment wiped down, bay clean, station clean, bathrooms clean, and still found time to go on 12 ambulance calls.

All my hard work will be undone shortly because I am off until next Tuesday at the very earliest. Tomorrow the dentist will remove all my wisdom! : ( I am so not looking forward to that appointment! But at the same time I can’t wait to get this done and over with. They have never hurt me, ever, but they are coming in way wrong and the dentist wants them out now. Joy. Then after that a little more dental work I have been putting off. Then after all of that it’s back to the orthodontist for me.

I spent SIX years in braces and because my teeth are stubborn and everything moved (despite the retainers) the orthodontist decided to put the upper braces back on (for free). After just 3 months with them on my teeth are back to straight and look great. Oh and if they every say, “hey we’re going to just jump to the biggest wire to move them fast” I would like to tell you that is would be best if you PASS on that option!! I have never hurt from braces until that move! I went to my check up and they said my teeth look great, I asked when the braces come off. The answer to my question? “I’m not, in fact I want to put the bottom braces back on too and fix that as well.” Ugh!! But my teeth will look pretty again. I already look several years younger than I am (I’m 25 and still getting carded), so lets slap some braces on and make it even better! : ( Oh well, life.

Today while out on one of many calls at work I came across something that made me laugh.

That sign is about 4 feet by 4 feet and in case you are unable to read the writing it says, “Slow down or die.” Haha welcome to rural EMS! : ) I’m sorry sir but it seems you are going to have to kill us for running lights and sirens to someone’s emergency because I’m not slowing down. What really cracks me up about this is the road it is located on and I really wish now that I had taken a picture of it but since I didn’t you will have to do with my description.

Today I was working in our smallest ambulance (thank goodness for that on this call!) and had I had the biggest truck we would not have been able to get to the patient’s house let alone the patient. This road was JUST wide enough for the truck, most of the time the wheels were in the mud and not even on a road. Trees along most of the road which scratched all down the sides (nothing I could do to avoid that) and if another car had come one of us would have been backing up until we found a driveway and that person would not have been me…sorry but this ambulance doesn’t go in reverse! lol Oh, and also this road does not connect to each other, there are two different sections of this road, despite what google maps, gps, cell phones, map book, and everything says, this road is NOT a thru street! The huge trees and over grown woods prove this, don’t bother trying.

Tomorrow is surgery, then off for a few days. I’m warning you now, I will no doubt be bored so expect some postings…or probably a lot of postings if I’m feeling well. Good night world! Tomorrow I will be 4 teeth lighter.