Saving a Life

Another wonderful day of work, another day of saving a life…or something like that. Today I will be preventing the loss of life during CPR class. Part of being in our field means you better like teaching because you will be doing a lot of it! I help teach EMT class at a local college and enjoy that so my boss decided to make me a CPR instructor too.

Being a CPR instructor can be frustrating at times, especially during my time of teaching EMT class. Per the college, you are now required to have a CPR/AED card before you enter class and I think this was the WORST decision the college could have ever made! Part of getting your EMT licenses requires you to take a physcial skills test, which is a random draw on what skills you have to demenstrate. One of those possible skills that can be drawn is CPR/AED which means you have to be able to properly demonstrate that you can do CPR and use an AED…what a disappointment the students were.

Now, I am a very patient person and LOVE teaching students, but if you already have a CPR/AED card that says you know how to do it, then you BETTER be able to demonstrate how to do it and NOT ONE student could! I have never been so dissapointed before that I can ever remember. Not a single student could use the AED, which tells you EXACTLY what to do when you turn it on! And no one was able to demonstrate CPR either, another major disappointment.

You would think that given our field and fact that you WILL be dispatched to a cardiac arresst at some point then you would actually know this skill! It’s like we say about going to ccourt, “it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.” You will have to do CPR at some point, so you might want to pay attention in the class. After a few days with me, every student was finally able to do CPR and use an AED and that skill was pulled for them to test. I am proud to say that every student passed.

So today I am off to teach CPR to the publc so they can better assist anyone in need. If you want the safest place to live or be in the United States, go to Seattle, Washington. They have AED’s all over and just about the entire city has been trained on CPR at some point. This city was chosen to be the test subject for AED’s making them one of the safest places too live in this country of ours.

I encourage all of you to get out there and learn CPR. Take a class! Stay on top of your skill! You never know when you may need to help save a life and believe me, it’s the best feeling in the world! Will you know what to do?

Crazy days

Wow, this full moon brings it all out! Let’s start with Tuesday, woke up to tornado warnings at 200am. We do not have tornado sirens where I am located, the closest one to my house is 5.8 miles away exactly. We rely on a system our emergency dispatch set up that calls your phone with a warning, or my pager for work, it’s guaranteed to go off at least 3 times. It had already hit when I got the page, and it was bad! Lightning bright enough to light up the entire room and in to the halls, thunder that shook the whole house, hail, and lots of it! Finally at 320am the worst past through and surveying the damage was all we had left. By 415am I have to leave for work, there was still quarter size hail on the ground.

At work things did not get much better. Started with a cranky lady that wouldn’t stop hitting us, called us “assholes” and “smartasses.” She may have gotten the smartass part right, but I do not believe I am an asshole. By that time the second wave of the storm can crashing though, which wasn’t as bad as the first, but still hit pretty hard. It seems the worst of it hit at my house and also just north of where I work.

If it rains, it pours, right? Well it poured! We ended up with a cardiac arrest too, which is always a “cluster fuck” as we say, but this one ran smoothly, and was a clinical save! (Good job guys!) And for the time being this guy is still alive, let’s hope it stays that way. We have had a huge success with these Autopulses, they do CPR like no man can. And this is our 7th clinical save in 3 years, 4 of which have walked out of the hospital. Incredible machine that helps us do our job better.

With a few random calls mixed in that, it ended up being a very tiring day, but we were fortunate enough not to run a call again until 600am. Thank you EMS and fire Gods!