Geocaching Adventure

I recently met some geocachers, most have been caching since long before me. Others started about the time I did or after me. Either way, it was completely awesome to meet some new people that love caching like I do! What brought meeting these new people? Well…boredom when I started a 5am shift at work and 14 new caches placed that same morning! How wonderful! It gave me something to get out of the building and the hell hole of that job and I had fun. Cached alone and meet people out doing the same. It was great! Started talking and had a blast.

Then recently a new cache was hidden…ok, 3 weeks prior, but no one had found it. Can you believe it, 3 weeks with no find…not one?? So I started reading and this is what it said:

I made this multi fairly quickly last night.  Mainly because of one cache I made a few weeks back. This will probably be the most evil little nano multi you have ever done.  Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Nanos? Uh! I hate nanos but what the hell? So off I headed, with my man first. Read the logs and one person found stage one but that was it. Most people won’t log DNFs, but those that did equaled 9. Crap! Oddly enough I found stage one in very little time. Crazy!! Coordinates were off by 20 feet, but I got it. For the record, this cache had a difficulty rating of 4.5 and to make matters worse, owner said coordinates were off too! Shit! But I found one, talk about some camo! It was a tiny piece of bark that went into the tree and I only found it because the color was slightly off.

So with the numbers, headed to stage 2 and started looking…nothing. It was getting late so my man said it was time to go. That’s ok, it was getting really cold anyway. So headed back the next day…still nothing. Two days and about 7 hours into this damn thing and got nothing. So I phoned one of these new caching friends I meet. He hadn’t been to it before but said he’d gather a group and head out. So we meet there and had a group of about 9 looking. I asked where their GPS said stage 2 was, started with that area since mine before got nothing and within 3 mins I found it!! Crazy!! I actually found it!

For your entertainment…stage two…

So off to stage 3 we go. Spent almost an hour looking, then some other cachers joined us. They drove by, recognized a few cars there and knew what we were looking for. So we all searched, everywhere! Nothing! We were about to give up then started breaking down everything about it. Still nothing. So finally we said, ok, time to move on. I didn’t want to give up so I gave it one last look and guess what…I found that one too!! Completely crazy!!! I couldn’t believe it! I found all 3, weird!

Stage 3…

It was awesome! Meeting new people and FINALLY solving this! Was so glad to have this one done! Plenty of new friends too! And my man thinks it’s great because if he can’t join me, I have other friends I can go with. How cool is that? So we are planning another day soon to go caching and I can’t wait! It’s keeping me occupied and busy, which is a good thing right now.

What Now?

I had a rough day at work this weekend and vented on here. Sorry guys, you probably don’t care. I e-mailed my Chief requesting an entire month leave, since I’m part-time this shouldn’t be hard to honor. I did not receive a response, which I figured I wouldn’t until Monday when he’s back in the office. I know the e-mails go to his phone, but I figured he either wouldn’t read it or wouldn’t respond until he is back in the office. I pushed it out of my mind the best I could and moved on with my weekend.

Today I spent some time with my totally awesome man, we went geocaching at some pretty awesome parks. It was HOT! But still had fun. Only got about 1/8 of this park that was a favorite of mine when I was little so I plan on going back asap. I can’t wait!! I hope to take my cousins with me too, that’ll be fun! We found a lot of really cool caches and all big ones too! Usually I get all micros, rarely does a park around here have this many containers with more goodies in them. I went searching for some trackables, found none though which was a bummer.

While we were out enjoying the day I heard my phone go off notifying me I got an e-mail which I usually ignore because e-mails come through all the time like crazy. Something told me to look at this one, so I did. It was a response from my Chief! He sent it from his office computer too! Meaning he may have been up there looking for me. This was his response:


I have no problem granting you this leave time. I’m not sure what type of issues you are having with other employees. This is the first time I have heard from you regarding any issues. I encourage you to contact me the next time you work (or before if you prefer) so that you can make me aware of the issues that are bothering you and I will do everything in my power to correct any problems that exist.

Chief Blank

That was nice of him. Now let’s brake this down, shall we…

  • “Not sure what type of issues you are having”…this could take all day if you want to hear it all.
  • “This is the first I have heard from you”…of course it is, I don’t go whining to the boss when every little thing happens and I’m not going to go whining to you now.
  • “I encourage you to contact me”…of course you do, it’s your job on the line if you don’t offer me this. I never said I wanted to discuss the issue, I just said there was one and I want a leave, end of story.
  • “I will do everything in my power to correct any problems”…once again, you’re required to say this. Does firing every asshole there fall “within your power”?? Just curious.

Let’s discuss here a bit why all these people I work with hate me so much. There seems to be a chronic case of “lazy” going around and it’s very contagious! Some people will actually lay there and let me clean around them!! That’s how bad the lazy is! They don’t do their dishes, don’t pick up after themselves, don’t clean anything, and bitch about having to run calls! WTF?! This is your JOB! I’m always cleaning, washing trucks, taking care of things around the station, working on trucks, fixing things, teaching CPR/First Aid, working PR events, going to schools to talk to kids…all the things our full time staff should be doing, but lazy has effected them too. Well, my fellow employees hate me for this because it makes them look bad. They also hate me for being chief’s “favorite”. I’m not the “favorite” and I sure as hell don’t get any special treatment, I’m just liked because I get my lazy ass up!

I grew up where if I didn’t get up and do the work I’ll get my ass beat, literally. You think I’m going to show up to a job that PAYS and NOT do the work I’m suppose to?? I don’t think so! Having good morals and work ethic has made my life at work a living hell, but you know what…when it comes time for promotion or a new job, who do you think will be more likely to get it? Not them, that’s for damn sure. Besides I just flat out feel bad and guilty if I’m not working when I’m getting paid to do so. Hate me all you want, I’m not changing the way I work because of your lazy and poor attitude.

Tomorrow I’m back to work and will have my meeting, I will keep you updated on how that goes. Good night all.