Snow! It’s snowing!!! This morning I left for work in a t-shirt…now it’s 27 degrees, so windy I can’t walk (let alone drive this ambulance), and SNOWING!!

I miss the magic snow had. Getting off school early. Playing in it till you’re past frozen.

I have had 4 major sledding accidents.

Number 1: Was sitting on a sled with my feet in front of me. We had a good two feet on the ground and the sledding paths were so deep you stayed on the path everyone created before you. I went down but got stuck. My neighbor didn’t see me stop and when he did it was too late. His sled nailed my lower back, then bent me forward and he went right up my back and got stuck on top of me. It hurt SO bad! I literally took my coat off and we packed snow on my back!

Number 2: We had a good layer of ice covered by a couple inches of snow. And by good layer of ice, I’m talking 2-3 inches of ice!! Well, was sledding again down a huge hill, hit the bump/jump, flew off the sled and my bad knee (the one I was hit by a jet ski with while I was on a jet ski) went straight thru the ice. It was so swollen and bruised!!! And about 30 mins after that I though it was be a good idea to get on a snowboard…wrong. Broke both my shins on a freaking pole!

Number 3: We had a giant tractor tire tube that we aired up and tied to the back of a 4-wheeler. It worked great! Until my uncle got carried away…he took the turn slow but gassed it in the end so I would fling around him. He didn’t see my idiot sister sitting where she was told not to be, I came around the turn and she stuck her feet out. Tube stopped. I did not. Head first into a big pile of freshly plowed ice and snow! Concussion. On Christmas Eve. Mom and dad wouldn’t take me to the ER, grandma drove me there.

Number 4: We have a HUGE, STEEP, LONG hill at one of the local schools. It’s a little bit of a dangerous drive, but when the roads are ok, the drive is well with this untouched, little known hill! Well, we thought it would be a great idea to have one person sit in a tube at the bottom, then another would come down the hill, full speed, on a sled and hit them. Great idea, right? Ha! I got volunteered to be first in the tube, while my uncle, who is literally 3 times my weight, went down the hill. I flew up in the air, came down on my head and was out cold! Best part…it’s all on tape!!! It looks painful! If I had witnessed that…we’ll I’d be telling the person not to move and calling an ambulance. Me? My mom told me to walk it off.

Those are the 4 worst incidents…that I can remember. I’m sure there are plenty more, in fact I know there are more, but they weren’t too bad. Just a few broken bones here and there.

Cold and Alone

It’s cold here. Snow in the forecast. I used to love the snow! Now I love so little.

I was sitting in this hell hole, studying, avoiding people, and thinking. I thought about why I can’t do it, why I can’t end it all. My conclusion? I care. I care too damn much!! That and I made a promise.

Why do I care so much? Why do I let assholes effect me? Is this something I am going to have to deal with forever? Is it from the abuse? Or am I just that weak of a person? Why can’t I just say “fuck you” and walk away??

I’m hurting still. And hate doing this to my man. He says he just wants me happy, I just want to be happy, people keep robbing that. I just want to laugh like I always do. I just want the sunshine people. Why must people work so hard to keep taking that?!? And it’s always the same assholes! Every fucking time!! And when they have run out of reasons or things to do…they get someone else involved.

I hope they all fucking suffer in their stupid miserable lives!! My life is tough enough! They can stop fucking with what I have left already!

Parenting at it’s best!

Popular news for the day includes parenting…once again. And this one I’d have to say I totally agree with! Some people are calling this “child abuse.” How?! Honestly?!?! The father shot that laptop, which HE bought, with his gun withOUT the child present! This is NOT child abuse! You want to see child abuse, I can show you child abuse. This child deserves what she got! That’s the problem with the world today, not enough parents actually parenting, too many spoiled children, and too many people bitching about “punishment.” Taking stuff away from a child who screwed up is NOT child abuse! Spanking a child that did wrong is NOT child abuse! Excessively hitting, screaming at constantly, not feeding, not offering the basic necessaries, and constantly putting the child down…that’s child abuse! Not this!! This is a parent doing his job! Something a lot of people need to learn from! I agree 100% with what this parent did! No person under the age of 18 should be going around cussing, bad mouthing, disrespecting their parents like I see all too many doing today! It’s horrible! No one parents their child! Give the child chores, directions, punish them…they NEED this! Why do you think there are so many problems in this world! I could rant for hours, but instead I will spare you and share this video.

Moving on…
I had my boys today and we decided on snow crab legs for dinner. I have never cooked these before but after looking up some recipes online I decided it couldn’t be too hard, so despite the snow and ice coming down, off to the store we went. Crab legs happened to be on sale today (good day for a craving) so we picked them up, along with nutcracker (the redneck way), stick butter, and garlic powder. We should have checked supplies at home because we had a huge container of garlic powder! On the way out we passed the Valentine’s sections and it just so happened they had some Cadbury creme eggs, score! Grabbed a handful. Then home to start cooking.

It was quit easy, just boil some water, stick a strainer on top to keep the legs out of the water, cooked for about 8-10mins, then done. Slowly melted the butter, added a little garlic powder and some parmesan cheese, and all done. No measuring, just guessing. It was oh so yummy! And the boys loved it! And I have to say…out crab meat came out WAY easier than the stuff you get at Red Lobster! Don’t get me wrong, their food is amazing, but mine was way easier to eat. Our crab meat came out in whole pieces.



Our original plans were to geocache, but due to the crazy weather and weather changes we can get around here, geocaching was out. We had fun cooking dinner and killing people on Call of Duty instead. Some times it’s just nice to relax inside. Monday they are calling for 4-6 inches of snow! I can’t wait!! Though I’m stuck working, which seems to be the case every time we get snow…oh well, we will have a snowball fight there! Bring it on mother nature!