Just another day on the job

Yep, it’s another day of work for me! Today hasn’t been the boring, nothing to do kind of days as before, we actually had to help people, which is normally rare here, except for this year. Last year we ran just over 1000 EMS calls, that’s even low for us. This year doesn’t seem to follow that pattern, we are up to 87 calls and it’s only February 2nd. I’m not complaining though, I love helping people! Hate seeing them hurt, but love helping them. And I really can’t complain because some of our neighboring departments run 4 to 5000+ calls a year, some even into the 8000+ range. Which is completely crazy busy!!

Today we helped a neighboring department with a cardiac arrest and it looks like the lady might make it. (Thank you God!) She had a good strong pulse and blood pressure upon our arrival to the er. The crews worked together and did a great job! Ever ran a call on an ambulance that isn’t yours, your rarely see, and have never gone though…? Try that in a cardiac arrest…not fun. We stole all our equipment off our truck and it made things only slightly easier, but that’s what happens in small town EMS, you just go with the flow.

While today is all work and little play, Tuesday was a little work and a lot of play! Much encouraged by the Chief, his motto is “have fun at work.” Awesome Chief in my opinion! On our way to lunch Tuesday, we spotted something that had us laughing so hard we actually had to stop the ambulance for pictures!



It’s not every day you get to see this! lol And many of you don’t know the wonderful game of “Slugbug” which is something we play around here. Needless to say, we were laughing to hard to actually slug anyone! And it sure had the town watching too!

Being a volunteer firefighter also, I’d like to share a picture we found the other day at work that has now been passed around Facebook. Other volunteers out there will laugh at this as well, I’m sure.

Volunteer Firefighter
Cause when you’re not paid, who’s going to fire you.

Crazy days

Wow, this full moon brings it all out! Let’s start with Tuesday, woke up to tornado warnings at 200am. We do not have tornado sirens where I am located, the closest one to my house is 5.8 miles away exactly. We rely on a system our emergency dispatch set up that calls your phone with a warning, or my pager for work, it’s guaranteed to go off at least 3 times. It had already hit when I got the page, and it was bad! Lightning bright enough to light up the entire room and in to the halls, thunder that shook the whole house, hail, and lots of it! Finally at 320am the worst past through and surveying the damage was all we had left. By 415am I have to leave for work, there was still quarter size hail on the ground.

At work things did not get much better. Started with a cranky lady that wouldn’t stop hitting us, called us “assholes” and “smartasses.” She may have gotten the smartass part right, but I do not believe I am an asshole. By that time the second wave of the storm can crashing though, which wasn’t as bad as the first, but still hit pretty hard. It seems the worst of it hit at my house and also just north of where I work.

If it rains, it pours, right? Well it poured! We ended up with a cardiac arrest too, which is always a “cluster fuck” as we say, but this one ran smoothly, and was a clinical save! (Good job guys!) And for the time being this guy is still alive, let’s hope it stays that way. We have had a huge success with these Autopulses, they do CPR like no man can. And this is our 7th clinical save in 3 years, 4 of which have walked out of the hospital. Incredible machine that helps us do our job better.

With a few random calls mixed in that, it ended up being a very tiring day, but we were fortunate enough not to run a call again until 600am. Thank you EMS and fire Gods!