Not satisfied with how one associate handled your call and did what you wanted done? Do what I did…hang up on them and keep calling back until you find someone that will fix it. Problem solved. : ) And exactly how I wanted without costing me money. Thank you to the associate that help…finally!


Yea, you heard it. Upgraded to the new iOS 6 on my phone so I could have some new features. Decided it was worth losing my jailbreak. I only jailbroke my phone so I could facetime when ever…guess what…AT&T won’t let you! I’m one of that people that still have the unlimited data plan (which isn’t really unlimited because they MAJORLY SLOW my data down when I use to much watching movies) and unless I pay more for a plan with WAY less data, I can’t facetime over my network. So AT&T…FUCK YOU!!!! Everyone else lets you facetime and are bringing back the unlimited data plan…GET ON BOARD!

That is all. Have a great day! : )