Stealthy Cache

I find myself once again with my cousins, who I completely love! Since the weather is nice, we will be spending the afternoon outside geocaching! I can’t wait! We have a few trackables, or travel bugs, to move on and some new caches to find. We’ll probably pick one of many local parks and start there. We’ve only hit about 2% of the parks around here, which is equivalent to 37 different parks, crazy I know. We love it, this area is loaded with parks and outdoor areas to cache.

We enjoy the adventurous woods caches rather than the city caches. City caches tend to be extremely small, require a lot of stealth, and a whole lot of patience, something we have, but we county folks enjoy the woods more. We just like nature. Now, don’t get us wrong, city caching can be fun, you can get a lot of caches in a short time and it can be quit a challenge, but out in the woods, the caches tend to be bigger and full of fun stuff, which the kids love. We also really enjoy moving trackables, we like helping them along their goal. We have our own geocaches hidden and trackables moving around. We love meeting new geocachers and have helped a few out along the ways with hints when we were leaving and they were arriving.

My Favorite Geocaching Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our geocaching adventures.

The old school house, found 1 here.

The classic container…yep, I’ve hidden one that looks like this too.

Seen far too many “birdhouses” out there…poor birds are probably getting really confused lately!

Stumbled upon this one. Accidental find here.

Seen far too many of these, they are so small we usually pass them up every time!

Not gonna lie…we geocache on the job. We call it “Street Familiarization” or “Road Training.” Best part is…the boss joins in! Too bad we found all the ones in town, now we’re bored.

These guys can be tricky if the sun isn’t just right.

Cool old working telephone booth. This cache was called “Superman.”

The hint for this one is “yes, your hand goes in there.”

My cousins just love caching!

Beautiful view of yet more water in our area.

My cousin found the one we all passed up. As you can sort of see (or not) here, this was not an easy find.

This one was located in front of an urgent care…I love the heart in this cache, it just seems fitting.


As promised, here are a few geocaching pictures from our adventures. From time to time I will add more pictures, but here are a few I had on my phone, there are a bunch more on my computer!


You never know what kind of speed limits you will find.


Looks like the class clown made it high in the political system…I’d so do this!


The last originalcovered bridge in our state that is fully functional.


Firetower with a beautiful view!


That’s a long way up!


And this is the reward when you get to the top.


Just beautiful!


I love my area.


It’s even more beautiful on a clear day.


Overlooking river at one of many parks along the water.


Another park, off another river. Great fishing hole.


Another park on even more water.


A wonderful vacation. This cache took us up a slick, steep hillside to overlook the entire town!


More water.


Another view overlooking the town.


A small park that over looks the town with many caches in it.


The other side of this park is level with the town.

I have many pictures of caches we found and the people I found them with, I will upload more pictures when I’m back with my computer. More views and examples of caches soon to come!