Holiday’s…Not My Cup of Tea

It seems like each holiday something worse happens. The 4th started off with my mom yelling all morning. Then I took myself to the clinic because I felt like I was coming down with a sinus infection…great. Got some meds, went home, got yelled at more. People showed up to party, I just felt like crap. Finally went to lay down because my migraine was getting really bad and the medicine wasn’t working. I got up for a bit, after all it’s my party, I can’t let this horrible migraine get to me.

I then found my phone with some water on it…guess what…phone won’t turn on. Someone spilled water all over it while it was charging therefore the waterproof case did not protect it…just wonderful. The best part…no one told me! Put the phone in a bag of rice…woke up today and the touch screen won’t work. For the record…I just bought this phone 12 days ago…not happy.

And to make all the even better, I came down with the flu! Not the brown bottle flu either, the flu flu. I’ve been up all night, can’t hold anything down, this is horrible. Migraine is better though…for now. So now my man is headed over to care for me when he should be doing the stuff he needs to get done. He’s also going to drive me up to try and get my phone replaced today which is apparently going to cost me $50…I guess that’s better than $700 but this just sucks so bad!! I’m more pissed that no one told me!

Happy 4th!