30 Day Challenge: Day 16

I’m back. It’s been a horrible week, fuck the holidays and family! But I’m back to finish my challenge.


My thoughts on education…hmm…may people won’t like this. I think public education is complete shit! I think kids these days learn more about sex and drugs than anything else, and it’s worse in private schools.

We also teach child about history, I had a teacher once say it was important so we don’t make the same mistakes…well it appears no one has learned from that either.

Also, we have these tests now to grade how “good schools and teachers are doing”…are you fucking kidding me?!? One, some students are no good at tests. Two, most children don’t give a fuck these days because parents can’t teach respect and parents don’t parent anymore, you’re punish the school and those students that actually try! I see it, we have a school near me that it happened to, I can tell you from being in that school…most of the kids don’t give a shit and the parents just let them do whatever they want. How is that helping the kids?! It’s just ridiculous!

30 Day Challenge: Day 15


What’s the point in answering this one when my other posts are just vanishing for no damn reason?! I am not in a good mood tonight so don’t look for good answers here.

Where will I be in 5 years? Either alone or dead, I don’t know which is worse. I’ll be working my ass off, kissing yours, for no pay, unable to afford even food thanks to our shitty government and the scumbags they are! That’s where I’ll be! They are literally killing me, but maybe that’s their damn plan! 60%…yes! SIXTY% of my income now goes to health insurance! Fuck you assholes! Can’t afford my new prices now, I can’t wait till it goes up again and I’m forced into a “better” doesn’t cover shit plan! I can’t decide which is the better deal…paying the fine or buying the shit coverage! Both of which are literally killing me! I haven’t slept in months, I work almost every single day (literally). I can’t afford food, at least not anything filling or enough or good for me, I’ve lost 15lbs…if you know me, I don’t have that to lose!

Fuck these stupid fucking holidays too! I don’t blame these people we are hauling around for wanting to kill themselves! If their family is anything like mine, life is better off 6 feet under!

Tonight, while I have just a few short hours off I’m at home, ALONE, crying for no fucking reason! While my stupid ass “family” is enjoying Christmas at my mother’s boyfriends with his family. Was I invited? No. But my gifts are on the table “so open them since you’re working the next three days”…that’s a lot bitch! Glad you give a fuck about your child! Fuck your “gifts”! They’re going in the fucking trash! Fuck you all! And fuck these holidays!

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

20131221-000656.jpg What is inside my fridge? Good question, I had to look when I finally got home. My fridge is practically empty…literally. The following items can be found inside…

Butter, bread, an egg, jelly, chocolate milk, cheese, shredded cheese, blueberries, salad dressing, an apple, some onions, a potato, and some blackberries. Literally that is all…I should probably take a picture as proof. I really need to go shopping! Between no money and no time off it’s hard…slim pickens…

30 Day Challenge: Day 12


My favorite childhood book…

Well, I’m extremely dyslexic, have ADHD…let’s just say reading was not something I did! Ever. Mainly because I couldn’t…not that anyone noticed.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I started being able to understand enough words in the young adult books that I could actually “read” a book. Yea, I know…what a loser, reading that crap! But that’s what level I was at, which I find weird sometimes. In 3rd grade they tested me and found the dyslexia, which my parents said was my fault, no one else’s and I was not dyslexic, I was just lazy. In the 4th grade, at yet another school (we moved too much!) they tested me and said I was reading at a high school level. Seriously…who creates that crap! A person can get lucky! I did!

So during my childhood I never had a favorite book, but my favorite “childhood book” would probably be Harry Potter. Go figure, right? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Well let me explain. It was the first book I read, beginning to end. It was also the first series I completed. And her ability to write just captures a person, I was hooked and I was learning to read, or at least attempting it.

30 Day Challenge: Day 11


10 favorite foods! Oh this is a good one!! I love food! Though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at me. I will narrow this down the best I can and none of them are in order, just randomly listed so I won’t number them.

Chili (both white bean and red)
Snow crab legs
S’mores!!! : )
Toast with peanut butter and bananas on top
Graham crackers

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

So apparently my phone hates me and this didn’t post yesterday. This is failing my challenge.


Best trip of my life…

There are many “best trips of my life” for many different reasons but I’d have to say going to Hawaii was the best. It was an outstanding place to visit and I got to do SO much! My travel buddies…not so good…that didn’t make for the best plane ride but out there I avoided them. It was just such a great place and all the stuff I did was amazing! I so miss it! And I hope one day I can afford to go back.

30 Day Challenge: Day 9


What’s in my bag/wallet…? Good question!

I have a purse but hardly ever use it, mainly because I can’t carry it with me at work so I use my pockets. When I’m off work, I hate messing with it. But when I do carry it, I have my wallet, a cell phone charger, ear buds, finger nail clippers, my knife, and most importantly…my migraine medicine. From time to time, my gun is in there too, but that’s only if I have to take it off my body for some reason, which is rare.