It’s Funny Where Life Takes You

Work has been pure hell, I was being tormented so much by my coworkers that I had seriously contemplated taking my life. My coworkers are pure evil, they are not nice people at all. And the worse part about it was most of my other coworkers knew I was being bullied, talked about me being bullied, but no one stood up for me. No one helped me, no one did anything for me, no one cared. Not one person spoke up for me. They all talked about it, they often came to me and said they knew I was being bullied, but they didn’t do a damn thing to help me.

Until this year. Nearly 7 years of hell and someone finally did something. They went about it all wrong, they handled it all wrong, but they went to the chief and told them I’m being bullied. Needless to say I got pulled into the office. I had no warning, didn’t know it was coming. Just all the sudden was being driven to headquarter and pulled into the office. I knew I was in trouble, and I wasn’t wrong. I got in trouble, threaten with a write up. Yes, you read that correctly. Bullied and told I’m being written up. Seriously, could things get any worse? Oh…yes they can. Because as I tried to deny it I had my private conversations read to me. Yes, my private conversations were read, word for word to me. Talk about a punch in the gut! Talk about being stabbed in the back! So I’m telling you now…if you think you have friends, you don’t. They will just betray you too.

Work is more lonely than ever. No one talks to me, I get avoided like the plague. People leave the room when I walk in, the avoid me at all cost. I can handle being ignored, I’m used to it. I’m used to being alone and completely ignored. But what is bothering me the most is that I didn’t cause this! I didn’t tattle! I didn’t rat anyone out! Even after I was caught I continue to deny and refused to give information. They had my private conversations already, but I refused to give more. But I’m being blamed anyway. There’s no protection. I will be treated like shit. I will be blamed. And I will continue to contemplate walking in front of the next semi that passes while working an accident on the highway. Nothing ever changes. My coworkers are evil, it’s in their nature to hurt, not heal.