Dear Best Friend

I saw you recently and boy did that hurt. It hurt much worse than I expected. It hit me hard and it’s hit me hard every day since. It feels like the first day I couldn’t talk to you all over again. Boy do I miss you. I can’t explain it. I miss having that person I can talk to about anything. No subject was off limits and you spent more time trying to understand me than anyone.

You have no idea how much I wish, beg, and just hope for one last conversation. I never thought the day would come that I couldn’t talk to you anymore. I just want that friend back that was here for me for anything, always here to help me.

I miss you. And I’m still here waiting for you to decide to come back. I hope one day you decide to do better for yourself and treat yourself better because you deserve so much better than the situation you have put yourself in just like I have always told you. Take care of yourself.

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