Bullying, it’s a normal part of this job. It happens, it’s a “right of passage”. But it’s not really seen as bullying, it’s fun and games, all done in good spirits. It’s all part of the job. But what isn’t part of this job is the hell I’m living in at work. The bullying I’m going through. The constant picking on, the constant backstabbing, the constant pestering, the constant hazing to the point that a person would rather drive into oncoming traffic than continue my drive into work.

My coworkers are pure assholes.

But what makes this story worse? The fact that our chief knows it’s going on and does NOTHING to stop it! He admitted someone that he know I’m being bullied. Yes, you read that right. My chief knows I’m being bullied and is doing NOTHING to stop it.

I am completely on my own in this battle, fighting this fight on my own with no where to turn. To my coworkers, what you are doing is NOT ok and eventually karma will find you! I won’t let you do this to anyone else. I won’t stand up for myself because I never do, but I won’t let do this to anyone else.

One way or another this will stop at me.