I Give Up

I can’t take it anymore, I can’t keep fighting to live.

What caused this? What has made things worse?

My asshole coworkers. I work with the most evil of people that make me want to scoot myself just thinking about having to show up to work and see them. Then I spend hours with them and fight the urge to not jump from a moving vehicle or walk in front of a semi.

Instead of finding something constructive to do with their time these people sit there and make fun of others, tell lies just to get those they don’t like in trouble. And why don’t they like these people? Because they make them look bad. And what do these people do to make these jerks look bad? Literally nothing but do their job. They hate me because I make them look bad for simply doing the job I’m paid to do. That’s it, nothing more.

I literally think about killing myself because of the bullying they have come to, but they don’t care. They won’t stop, they won’t leave me alone. They hate me and won’t stop until I’m fired or dead. And at this rate one is about to come much sooner than later.