eBay – Fix Your Policy

If you have ever sold a decent amount of items on eBay then you know how frustrating people that bid and don’t pay can be. And I mean really frustrating! eBay does not stop this from happening, they just put a note on the buyers account that is not at all public and do not allow negative feedback left on the buyers page to warn others that they have not paid. There is absolutely no way to tell that a buyer has not paid in the past now any way to stop them from bidding on your items and ruining your auction for others.

If you know someone is a no pay account by word of mouth then you can block them from bidding, but that is only if you know and eBay does not publish that information. Well allow me to help you out. The following accounts have not paid after bidding on my items. Feel free to add them to your block bidder page to keep them from bidding and not paying on your items as well. This list will be updated as more no paying accounts are added.

  • 2015marked
  • agu5588
  • annweida2011
  • asce14
  • cahsanz
  • caleb1996610
  • chirclaudi_0
  • cisn-pris
  • cosanostra614
  • demao2007
  • dete1983
  • faze_chris
  • glob.wilso
  • ihorhata88-us
  • jura-us
  • k6hobby
  • kaevocoso-0
  • kellegriffi7
  • khodovickiigo_0
  • kscrapperwkelly
  • lavijo)0
  • lopezus_hj7noz
  • marrobin_72ggexuh4
  • mihagirl1_3
  • morgador6
  • nashipate5
  • oxycontinqueen1991
  • roheem84
  • santiagpai0
  • ser-38
  • sloshm
  • smalltown*girl
  • soft4752
  • tabla57
  • us-furla
  • yliaklimkovic_0
  • yousmile10happy10
  • zttol

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