Fuck Your Obama”care”!

Just when things were looking up for me the government decided they “knew what was best” and fucked me over. I don’t work a “normal” job and you die hard, brainwashed Union supports can just leave your comments out! I’m not in the mood so shove them up your ass along with your head!

I lost all my overtime and gained MASSIVE increased on my insurance. I went from paying $130 a month, with TWO pre-existing conditions to paying $340 a month! That’s one and a half fucking paychecks! I don’t qualify for any assistance because I’m a RESPONSIBLE adult that believes in WORKING for what I have! I didn’t get myself knocked up, I got an education, don’t drink, don’t party, and pay my bills. What did this get me? A big fuck you from my country!

Today I got notice that my new price will be nearly $400 a month! Are you fucking kidding?!? That is TWO paychecks! I’m already starving myself with one full mean and small snacks each down, trying to get by. Now what the fuck am I suppose to do?! I have to have my phone for work otherwise I wouldn’t be able to know about open shifts to pick them up, nor would I be able to get myself scheduled in the timely manor I do to ensure my regular shifts. I have to have car insurance, can’t cut that. I have to pay on my student loans, which I took out to earn a degree and license to function as a paramedic. Only to find out that I could be paid more at McDonalds. Does that scare you? The person asking, “do you want fries with that?” makes more money than the one you call for help and expect a miracle from when your loved one stops breathing.

If I don’t get this job, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. Either I go uninsured just so I can eat. Or I find the tallest bridge to jump off of because I literally can’t afford to live anymore. I would like to thanks the “affordable” care act for making that jump possible.