If I were Chief

Anyone that has followed me for a while knows a little bit about “hell job” and the nightmare it is. How horrible my coworkers are, how they eat their own, destroy everything, and what a joke the place had become since the billing bitch was put in charge when the former Chief retired because he couldn’t handle these assholes anymore. If you’re getting hopeful that things have changed then you will be greatly disappointed when I tell you they haven’t…yet. If I could I’d turn in my shit right now, tell them a big “fuck you!”, and walk out.

That jackass that put his hands on me might get his job back. A useless piece of shit got promoted (seriously a rock is more productive!!), people are quitting left and right, most days we don’t even have an ambulance staffed, people are breaking the trucks faster than I can repair them. It’s a fucking joke!!

There is one coworker there that helps keep me sane and boy do I love my shifts with him! He’s far from lazy, helps with all required work plus some, and keeps me laughing. When you put us together there are a lot of shenanigans happening. : ) For example, we set all the alarm clocks to go off at random hours between 1am and 4am and we continue to reset them often as well as hide them for a challenge to find it.

Today, after another round of pissing me off, I had a chat with him. I was doing work this newly promoted lazy fuck refused to do and said “he didn’t get to it”…yea, because your fatass couldn’t get off the couch! While Doug his work I was given more work, even though 3 employees were sitting around watching tv. By the time I finished the first job given to me it was 10 minutes after shift change, so I said forget it and left without finishing. I can’t keep up and it’s not my fault!

Anyway, while talking with this coworker about the crap I came up with a brilliant idea! We are calling it ” If I were Chief”. A list of things we would do different to change the shit there, but add a level of entertainment to it, even if it’s only to entertain ourselves. My first plan of actions? Since no one can turn tv’s off or get up from watching them, I will remove ALL tv cords and cables. You have to earn them back!! Want to buy and bring in your own? Fine, but if I see it then it’s gone until you earn that one back to. Don’t like it? Too bad. Suck it up and do your job!!


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