Keep Writing

I am reading all your posts. I often don’t get to comment until later, but I do read them all. Life is keeping me busy, which is good I guess. I don’t get time off, so my writing has pretty much stopped, along with my life.

Thank you Obamadoesn’tcare! Fuck the government! I’m fucking pissed if you can’t tell. So pissed I just don’t want to talk about it right now. I lost all my overtime, can’t afford more than 12 hours off at a time, and only 2 of those a week. I’m holding down 7 jobs…yea, fuck your parttime bullshit idea! Parttime work is PARTTIME!! It’s not meant to have benefits!!! The majority of parttime workers are full time, or high school kids just getting in the field. I would rather all my fucking overtime back than this shit!

And my insurance cost…don’t get me started there. I can’t afford it now, I was using that overtime to pay the new price…so fuck you again! Now in December I really won’t have it because my plan goes bye bye and I can’t afford the even higher price for FAR LESS coverage!

I got sick and had to go to urgent care…normally that costs me $40 the day of and another $40 later…oh not anymore! $40 the day of, plus a bill for $168!!!!!!! Oh, but my insurance saved me “$90″…no it fucking didn’t! I already paid $40!! So you really “saved me” $50! Not to mention I now pay $258 a FUCKING MONTH! Which used to be $128. Fucking dicks!! So I would have been better off NOT having insurance, that would have saved me money! Fuck this idea of covering everyone! Why the fuck should I have to continue to pay more because people don’t want to better themselves?!?! Fuck you!

I have no problem helping people that need it, but why should I suffer?! I can’t even afford food anymore, I can’t afford time off, I can barely afford to buy gas to get to work! Honestly, I’d be better off quitting all work and living off the government. Things are getting so desperate I am seriously considering it. Between my new insurance cost and student loans, I can’t even afford to eat or get my migraine medication.

Speaking of migraines…those have gotten worse, from lack of sleep and food. Just wonderful. And there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Anyone want to buy some camera gear? I’m going to have to sell it along with everything else I have just to get by. This fucking blows! I lost every tiny thing that makes me happy and will literally be working 6/7 days a week just to scrape by. Fuck you lazy ass people living off the system and abusing it! The rest of you that really need it…I apologize, you are unfortunately caught in the middle due this world.

Speaking of this world…what the fuck happened to people that wanted to work for their shit?! I hate my generation! Fucking lazy ass spoiled little bitches that had everything handed to them! This whole idea of “everyone gets a trophy”…fuck that! It’s life! Nothing is fucking fair!!! I should know! Ugh!

I’m sorry, my rant is done now. I need some serious sleep. Please keep writing, it gives me something to do on the few down moments I have in life.