Silence is Golden

Tonight it hit me, just how alone I am. No one hears my cries. No one sees my tears. No one cares. No one is there for me. No one sees me. No one cares. No one helps me. No one hears me. No one cares. I am completely alone with no one to turn to. I will always be alone.

6 responses to “Silence is Golden

  1. It is not true that no one cares, I always have an open ear to listen. Sometimes I feel the most alone in a group of people. You are not alone in this life, reach out when you need to. Hope you have a sunny day that makes you smile today:)

    • I feel much the same, Rocks, can feel lonely and out of place in a room full of people.

      Lost, we are here for you… Not to blow sunshine up your A** and say how much better it will get (and all that BS), but to lend an ear and a hug when the shit piles (little funny side note: pile was insisting on being puke) so high you want to scream.

  2. There is us, your blogging family… And you know where I can be found… Can’t promise helpful advice, but can lend a listening ear (and virtual hug).

    “Sometimes even amongst friends & family, we can feel the most alone” – not sure where I’ve seen this, but seems so true.

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