Zero Logic!

Hey, let’s push for “income equality”! It’s great, that guy flipping burgers total receives a doctors pay, right? Let’s take away ALL incentive to work and thrive, to push to be more, why try? I can make more money doing nothing and not having to go to school! Great idea!!

Oh, and let’s raise minimum wage, because someone flipping burgers definitely deserves more money. Yep, they totally deserve pay HIGHER thank I currently make. You trust your LIFE, your families life, in my hands. You pass your injured child to me without a second thought. You trust me with your whole life. I can do no harm, we strive to do no harm. But that man flipping burgers deserves MORE pay than I CURRENTLY make!

Please take a moment to let that sink in!

He messes up, no big deal. I mess up, game over.

“Social security is going broke.” “We have to cut benefits for Veterans.” You know what, welfare ought to be the thing going fucking broke! We owe everything to our veterans and the senior citizens earned their retirement!! They EARNED it! NOT some sponge on welfare!

Don’t bother replying liberals, I’m NOT in the mood tonight. This is my page and my right to rant and I’m using it right now! Fuck the government! Congress and the President ought to be a VOLUNTEER position! Getting half the fucking year in vacation is complete bullshit too!

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