Good Evening

I’m sitting here typing this with my puppy, his head is on my hand making it hard to type. I know I’ve been gone lately, I’ve spent a lot of time typing to myself and sharing almost none of it. I plan to change this soon, a few of you have noticed and I promise to change this. Life has been busy in general, 911 keeps me busy, but there has been so much I don’t even know where to start. I’m going to sort though my posts and decided if I’ll post them or start fresh. For now, I need sleep, bad. I’m so run down.

I hope all of you are well, I am always reading, just not posting or replying much.

Good Evening

I doubt anyone wondered but I am still alive. I have written like crazy and posted none of it publicly. It’s definitely not stuff I should be thinking, writing, or sharing.

It’s been a rough start to this year and I completely failed my challenge. I love what I do with my job, I hate all this fucking lazy, whinny, money hungry, union brainwashed, assholes I work with!

I do not apologize for this statement and will remove your comments because I can, so get over it.

If you support unions you are a fucking idiot and part of the problem with this country! Please explain why the union does for you besides take your money and pocket it to themselves. It creates “fair working environments”? More like it creates lazy ones!! “Our contract says we don’t have to go outside when it’s above 90 degrees, so no we won’t wash the truck.” But 5 minutes later you are washing your car? Do your fucking job! You get paid to work, fucking work! Quit whining to your damn union that they make you work! You accepted the job, knew what was required, but now you demand higher pay, less work, because you pay the union for that, right? You’re a lazy fuck!

You say it protects your job? Wrong, it protects and supports stupid and lazy! If you got fired, chances are you deserved it! The union should NOT be getting your job back! You’re a fucking asshole that put your hands on me! I fucking hate myself for it and I hate your fucking unions!

How has my year gone? Just fucking dandy!

I apologize for my language, and my language only! Fuck your unions!