30 Day Challenge: Day 16

I’m back. It’s been a horrible week, fuck the holidays and family! But I’m back to finish my challenge.


My thoughts on education…hmm…may people won’t like this. I think public education is complete shit! I think kids these days learn more about sex and drugs than anything else, and it’s worse in private schools.

We also teach child about history, I had a teacher once say it was important so we don’t make the same mistakes…well it appears no one has learned from that either.

Also, we have these tests now to grade how “good schools and teachers are doing”…are you fucking kidding me?!? One, some students are no good at tests. Two, most children don’t give a fuck these days because parents can’t teach respect and parents don’t parent anymore, you’re punish the school and those students that actually try! I see it, we have a school near me that it happened to, I can tell you from being in that school…most of the kids don’t give a shit and the parents just let them do whatever they want. How is that helping the kids?! It’s just ridiculous!