30 Day Challenge: Day 15


What’s the point in answering this one when my other posts are just vanishing for no damn reason?! I am not in a good mood tonight so don’t look for good answers here.

Where will I be in 5 years? Either alone or dead, I don’t know which is worse. I’ll be working my ass off, kissing yours, for no pay, unable to afford even food thanks to our shitty government and the scumbags they are! That’s where I’ll be! They are literally killing me, but maybe that’s their damn plan! 60%…yes! SIXTY% of my income now goes to health insurance! Fuck you assholes! Can’t afford my new prices now, I can’t wait till it goes up again and I’m forced into a “better” doesn’t cover shit plan! I can’t decide which is the better deal…paying the fine or buying the shit coverage! Both of which are literally killing me! I haven’t slept in months, I work almost every single day (literally). I can’t afford food, at least not anything filling or enough or good for me, I’ve lost 15lbs…if you know me, I don’t have that to lose!

Fuck these stupid fucking holidays too! I don’t blame these people we are hauling around for wanting to kill themselves! If their family is anything like mine, life is better off 6 feet under!

Tonight, while I have just a few short hours off I’m at home, ALONE, crying for no fucking reason! While my stupid ass “family” is enjoying Christmas at my mother’s boyfriends with his family. Was I invited? No. But my gifts are on the table “so open them since you’re working the next three days”…that’s a lot bitch! Glad you give a fuck about your child! Fuck your “gifts”! They’re going in the fucking trash! Fuck you all! And fuck these holidays!

One response to “30 Day Challenge: Day 15

  1. This one showed up fine…., I have had that happen where a post I did just up and disappears (often times for no good reason than it F’in felt like it. Don’t let a stupid WordPress glitch keep you from continuing to post…. Even if you miss a day, go back later and do it (or if need be, skip – your not being graded and won’t be thought less of (and whoever does can…. well you get the idea.

    I’m glad you took the time to post even if to rant about healthcare & insurance (which I don’t blame you one bit!!)

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