30 Day Challenge: Day 12


My favorite childhood book…

Well, I’m extremely dyslexic, have ADHD…let’s just say reading was not something I did! Ever. Mainly because I couldn’t…not that anyone noticed.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I started being able to understand enough words in the young adult books that I could actually “read” a book. Yea, I know…what a loser, reading that crap! But that’s what level I was at, which I find weird sometimes. In 3rd grade they tested me and found the dyslexia, which my parents said was my fault, no one else’s and I was not dyslexic, I was just lazy. In the 4th grade, at yet another school (we moved too much!) they tested me and said I was reading at a high school level. Seriously…who creates that crap! A person can get lucky! I did!

So during my childhood I never had a favorite book, but my favorite “childhood book” would probably be Harry Potter. Go figure, right? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Well let me explain. It was the first book I read, beginning to end. It was also the first series I completed. And her ability to write just captures a person, I was hooked and I was learning to read, or at least attempting it.

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