30 Day Challenge: Day 1


Well, I’m joining the challenge. Several of the bloggers I follow have started the challenge and I want something to get me back to blogging, I miss how it made me feel. I miss being able to write anything I want and have support from those reading, it helped me in more ways than I can explain.

So why have I not been blogging? Just no time, between work and calls and life in general…I literally have no time. I’m a loser. I either work or am at home with my dog doing nothing…I’m such a waste. So I hope to stick with this challenge and write a little something each day and hopefully many more after.

Day 1 is my blog name, our24yearagegap. If you’ve read my blog you know what the name means, but for any new readers coming across this, I am in love with a man 24 years older than me and he loves me too. We have an outstanding relationship and if you don’t look at our age you would think we were completely normal. We have so much in common and get along so well…it’s just an outstanding relationship. His family accepts what we are and so do many of my friends, however my family is very judging and not accepting to anything outside the “normal” so we live in semi secret when it comes to them.

So in short, the name of my blog has to do with the man I love, more than I ever thought possible. I just can’t explain it.

7 responses to “30 Day Challenge: Day 1

  1. YOU ARE NOT A LOSET!!!! If you are so am I and half the….. Ohhh wait scratch that last…… Seriously, you are not a loser. You go in to work every shift and help people despite the “hell job”. Your doing something you enjoy (even if it is hard sometimes) – you wouldn’t do your kind of work if you didn’t. You care about others despite the crap that’s been thrown at you…..

    And, you’ll get through this challenge I know you will with me right here cheering you on (and reminding you if need be – hell I can probably use a few of those myself).

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