As you know, if you’ve read my past blogs, I pretty much hate our worthless, over spending, I’m too good to work a day in my life government. They are wasting money on lazy ass people while the military fighting for us are getting cuts. People in prison get better amenities than our military and old folks in nursing homes. Did you know it’s a federal law that TV’s have to be available to prisoners…??? Are you kidding me??? I say we do it like other countries, no food unless someone gives you money. No TV, no sun…or just take you out of town and drop you for dead and see if you can make it back.

Anyway, I came across this petition today and had to share. People have created a petition to try to get Obama to resign. I’d love to see himself and our entire government resign and start over! They have ruined what this country was created on! Anyway, I’m too busy to keep ranting about this right now but the link is below if you want to check it out. Work has been keeping me too busy to blog but I will be back soon…I hope! Take care all!