The Letter

I have been waiting all week for a letter. A letter that will either bring joy or disappointment. It’s been killing me! That letter finally came!

I sat there staring at it, not sure if I want to open it or not. It felt fairly thick, is that a good sign or a bad sign? I didn’t know what to do or what to think.

This has been my dream job. The job I wanted since I got into this line of work. What if they don’t take me? I was told to be surprised I even got an interview because they don’t take people that have a little experience as I do. It was killing me all week, now the letter is here and I can’t open it!

Finally, after pacing and wondering, I opened it. I got the job!!!!! I actually got it! I have to pass the medical and physical exam, which should be easy, I hope. Nothing could be worse than my last physical, 5 days after I lost all my wisdom teeth. I will do anything I can to not lose this! And I am SO damn excited!

4 responses to “The Letter

    • Yes it does mean I can quit, but I’m waiting until after my orientation to quit. I want to make sure everything is set first with this new job!

      Also…when I quit hell job I have to pay back the $1500 they gave me for medic school. I can’t decide what to do there…I could cut back to just the minimum 24 hours a month that is required and say fuck ’em! I was working like crazy, so they paid for school, but they can’t take the money back if I just drop down to the minimum and it would be their own damn fault. I might try that for a while, if they piss me off then just say fuck you and leave!

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