If you’re a parent and you don’t know what it is, I suggest some research!

I saw one article online with a parent complaining about the app and how their 10 year old child downloaded it to their phone and sent stuff the mother couldn’t see. First, your CHILD is 10!! TEN! Wtf happened to childhood?! They don’t need any phone let alone a smartphone!! And you can’t blame the child, they are a CHILD, they don’t understand the consequences. Maybe it’s time for you to get offline and start being a parent. I feel sorry for kids these days, never knowing the innocence of childhood, the flashlight tag and playing till the street lights came on. It’s sad really.

My cousins had me download it so they could send me pictures, then they never use it. Now I message two friends but that’s about it. It can be quit entertaining! Do you have one?

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