Emergency Vet Bill

Well the vet bill showed up…from the emergency visit over the weekend…I just went from really broke to dead broke!! I would do it for my puppy all over again but this sucks!

I can’t remember the last time I ate real food. It just feels horrible knowing I can’t eat. I’ve had bread and butter almost daily, I’ve been eating Ramen noodles for weeks, as well as spaghetti-o’s. I haven’t had solid foods in so long that I’m not sure my stomach will be able to handle it. I’ve lost too much weight too. I was finally up to 128lbs (which my doctor said was still too low for me), now I’m down to 104lbs. I look too skinny, I don’t like it.

I need clothes so bad, uniform clothes and daily clothes but that won’t happen any time soon. I’ve lost too much weight to keep my pants up. My duty boots have a hole so every time it rains I’m walking around with a wet foot. My tennis shoes are 4 years old, I have zero traction because the soles are so worn out they are starting to fall apart, my jeans all have holes. My shirts are just literally falling apart.

I can’t even buy myself basic needs. It’s not my dogs fault he got sick, it’s no ones fault, but he deserves treatment so his needs are above mine, I will not let him suffer! He’s the only one that is always happy to see me every time I come home.

Despite adding another job, none of them pay well. And thanks to our stupid fucking worthless government, I can’t work enough hours at one job, or any job in general. And I have to start paying for health insurance out of my pocket, or pay the fine…must be nice to have their damn salary AND vacation 3/4 of the year! Fuck you government! Thanks to you dicks, my hours are cut, my jobs can’t pay me, and I have to spend more money. I was down to two meals a day, now I’ll be down to one. But it’s ok, I’m used to going hungry.

2 responses to “Emergency Vet Bill

  1. Boo!!!! I dont like any part of this. It is a shame that a girl that works as hard as you struggles. But just cross the border and you get it all for free!

    I wish I could send you something to eat:) Wonder if I could mail you a cooked turkey?!

    • That would be awesome! But I’m not sure I could eat it. The crews went to lunch today, I didn’t order anything but a citizen paid for our meal and insisted I order food. I had two bites and got sick, I ended up bringing it with me. I don’t know that I can have whole foods after being off them for so long. It’s horrible.

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