My Photography

I took another break today from studying. I just can’t keep myself focused for hours after hours, I’m sure I’ll regret this come test time, but I decided to stick to my failed plan and upload some of my pictures. I’ve got MANY photos, some of which I may have already shared here, but I’m sharing again. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think, if you think it’s bad then tell me. If you think they are good, we’ll I’d love to hear that too.

I recently got accepted to a local University with a scholarship and right now I can’t attend because of money. I can’t get loans to offset the difference, but when I can find a way I’m going to attend. I want to minor in photography, but I haven’t decided what I want to major in yet. I need a backup plan in case of injury and have to change career.

Anyway, now that I’m finally sharing my pictures…what do you think?? All these pictures are sale though a local business, a friend of mine, so if you’re interested please e-mail me and I can get you the information. I have MANY more not even posted here.

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